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Zig Zag French

Kenadi Hair Studio

Kenadi Hair Studio - US
The artist started with a gel base coat and then polish a thick French line in white gel on one hand and cured. Then she polished a thick French line in black gel on the other hand and cured. Make sure it is a light thin coat of black so the white will show well over it. Next, the artist used a nail art pen brush, which she got from the Nail Superstore, and made the "M" shape on one side of each nail of the first hand with black gel. Then make a "V" shape on the other side of each nail and cure. You can also cure in between making each shape if the polish wants to run. Then make the same "M" and "V" shapes on the other hand in white gel. Then, using a silver striper, make a small triangle shape in the middle of each "V" shape. Go over all colors with second coat if needed. Lastly top it with a gel top coat and cure!