Unveiled The Red Dragon Sauna Pedicure System At The Premier Show In Orlando

The Red Dragon Sauna Pedicure raised eyebrows as it was unveiled at Premier Orlando last week. Show attendees oohed and aahed when they saw the handcrafted wooden barrel, and were quick to volunteer their tired feet for an impromptu spa treatment right there on the conference floor. The Red Dragon Sauna Pedicure requires no plumbing, so staff from the Nail Superstore needed only one cup of water to demo the innovative, portable steam pedicure system.

Walk-by clients were thrilled with the results! “OMG just got a sauna pedi at The Nail Superstore booth. Awesome,” says Millie Haynam of Nail Talk Radio.

Similar surprised exclamations came from visitors Hannah, Michelle and Mary of NAILS magazine. Kimberly Pham from VietSalon, Debbie Doerrlamm from Beautytech.com, and Stephanie from Nailpro also stopped by for a first-hand demo of the system that ushers in the next generation of pedicures.

We fielded questions from nail techs who were concerned about sanitation. We assured them of the built-in sanitation component of the sauna system. By turning the steam generator to its highest setting, the extreme heat sanitizes the entire barrel in minutes, eliminating any possibility of bacteria.

Show attendees realized they had a money-maker on their hands. Finally, they had a pedicure system that was TRULY portable: it’s on wheels, requires no plumbing and needs only one cup of water, saving nearly five gallons of water per service. The Red Dragon Sauna Pedicure gives clients a level of relaxation never before experienced in a pedicure, plus, clients can personalize the pedi with aromatherapy. With all this, PLUS the added benefit of having a barrel that is quickly and completely sanitized, the Red Dragon Pedicure system opens a whole new market for business. Booth visitors quickly started imagining the potential:

  • “We can give pedicures to clients while they wait for their color to process.”
  • “We can set up a sound-free VIP room for clients. It would be a completely relaxing environment with aromatherapy.”
  • “We could offer sauna relaxation as a stand-alone service, charging $1 minute for the steam treatment.”
  • “We can offer the first five minutes free because we know they’ll love it! Then charge $1/minute for 10 minutes. The first time it will be $10 for the 15-minute treatment, but then they’ll be hooked!”
Doctors and therapists have long sung the praises of steam for treating muscular injuries, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, arthritis, rheumatism, skin irritations and countless other issues. Now you can offer the same expert therapy in your salon, spa or office. Plus, with the addition of a few drops of essential oils, it can also help to reduce stress & fatigue, detoxify the body, Increase circulation, and much more!

The Red Dragon Pedicure System is available for pre-order! Click here for details.