The PediSmuter Electric Callus Remover a Popular Buy and Currently on Sale!

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The PediSmuter Electric Callus Remover a Popular Buy and Currently on Sale!

Franklin Park, IL—September 3, 2013—It’s new, it’s safe, it’s sanitary; it’s the new PediSmuter Professional Electric Callus Remover and it’s selling like hotcakes! Previously $59.95, you can now get the PediSmuter for just $39.95. Plus, you’ll get a free pack of 30 refills with your order. The Nail Superstore is excited to introduce this new product and we know you’ll love it too. It has a 5-star rating! It is a lightweight electric foot care device that is designed to shave and smooth away dry skin, calluses, corns and warts in just minutes! It can be used at a low speed for clients with rough dry skin and it can be used at a high speed for tough calluses. Nothing will work better and faster! You can use it on heels, soles and toes! It has three types of hygienic disposable filling pad grids to choose from. It is the ultimate way for any professional nail tech to work less while still getting amazing results. It is 110V/240V compatible.

Directions for Use:

  • Use the coarse disposable filing pad to remove heavy calluses, use the medium pad for rough dry skin and use the fine pad to buff and polish the skin’s surface.
  • Peel off the disposable pad and stick it on the PediSmuter. Turn the machine “ON” and choose either “HIGH” or “LOW” speed.
  • Put the PediSmuter on the callus to remove.
  • After the callus has been removed, rinse the foot with water. Then, dry off the foot.
  • For best results, apply a foot cream after the service.
Head to to see all the positive reviews written by customers who already have used it and love it. Once you run out of refills, just call us and order more! Each box of refills come with 30 pads.

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