The Nail Superstore Has Released Their Newest Catalog with Unbelievable New Deals!

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The Nail Superstore Has Released Their Newest Catalog with Unbelievable New Deals!

   Franklin Park, IL—October 3, 2013— The Nail Superstore is happy to announce the release of their Fall/Winter 2013 catalog! There is no better way to end the summer and enter fall and winter than to offer a brand new catalog with a new easy-to-navigate layout and incredible fresh deals! From free shipping and free gifts to huge discounts on spa furniture, The Nail Superstore makes it easy for you to save!

    Master nail tech John Hauk, who has been in the nail industry for 20 years and has won over 300 competitions worldwide, was a guest artist for The Nail Superstore. During the month of October, The Nail Superstore will be releasing step-by-step videos of Hauk using Artisan products to create stunning nails. Impress your clients by learning his techniques for striking nails! There will be over 40 videos released onto You can learn the finest methods to create beautiful nails and learn competition techniques to create the perfect smile line.

Red-Hot Nail Superstore Deals

  • Free shipping for orders over $99.
  • Spend $150, get free gift.
  • Cash points: get 5% cash back each time you buy.
  • Get catalog-only discounts with coupon codes! Get $5 off orders over $99 and get $15 off plus free shipping for orders over $250.
  • Red Dragon Spa System: complete set is $795 with a free roller massage ($165 value).
  • Rio Portable Pedicure System in Crème: complete system was $860, now $495 and you get a free saddle chair. A $135 value, totally free.
  • Get the most luxurious and functional salon furniture; prices start as low as $125!
It’s All About Kits at The Nail Superstore! Amazing Deals Where Everything’s Included

  1. 50% off Flawless Pink and White Starter Kit; was $50, now $24.95. Includes various pink and white powders, monomer liquid and #8 brush.
  2. 40% off Professional Color Acrylic Kit; was $59.85, now $35.89. Includes 12 pre-selected powders, monomer liquid, primer and #4 brush.
  3. 40% off Complete Pro Acrylic System Kit; was $83.25, now $49.97. Includes pink and white powders, monomer liquid, #10 brush, equalizer, primer, sculpting forms, two nail files, a buffer, nail tips and glue.
  4. 40% off Artisan Control Sculpting Gel Kit; was $116.50, now $69.95. Includes 36W UV light, clear builder gel, white and pink gels, gel brush, gel cleanser and wipes.
  5. 40% off Artisan GelEfex Soak-Off Starter Kit; was $66.70, now $39.95. Includes white, pink and red gels, gel cleanser, gel brush and a base and top.

If you’d like more information about the above or to schedule an interview, please call The Nail Superstore at 847.260.4013 or email