The Nail Superstore Has Just Released a New Gel Polish Collection Just in Time for Summer!

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The Nail Superstore Has Just Released a New Gel Polish Collection Just in Time for Summer!

Franklin Park, IL—March 12, 2015— Out with the deep, dark winter colors, and even the dainty spring colors, and in with the neon and bold hues of summer! As temperatures quickly rise, clients will be lining up at your salon door anxious for their first summery mani-pedi of the year! Which colors will look extra groovy on your client’s nails as they soak up the sun? Artisan GelEfex gel polish, of course!

Our newest gel polish collection, Out of Sight Bright Collection, is a must for your polish rack! Our collection is complete with traffic-stopping neon shades like Lemon Zing, Sour Green Apple and Ripe Raspberry.

The new innovative cap shows the true color of the gel polish so you and your clients can easily choose a shade; what you see is what you get! And, not only are these colors part of our newest summer collection, they’re also part of our newest gel polish line. We’ve been selling the classic gel line that you’ve come to love, Artisan GelEfex Gel Nail Polish, for years but we recently added our new Artisan GelEfex Advanced Formula to our family, complete with over 65 new colors.

Our advanced formula is masterfully developed to provide weeks of extreme gloss, no-chip wear, zero shrinking during the curing process and includes ultra-rich pigments that won’t fade. Its low-odor formula reduces air toxins for a healthier nail service!

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