Nails Magazine - Featured Article: Red Dragon Steam Pedicure Sauna

A new pedicure system from The Nail Superstore could radically change what clients expect from their salon experience. The Red Dragon Sauna Pedicure system combines a wooden barrel with a steam generator to create a sauna that open pores, eliminates dead cells, and softens skin. This earth-friendly alternative to a foot bath, made of handcrafted grade-A hem-fir, uses only one cup of water per service. It doesn’t require pipes or plumbing, and the heat from the steam eliminates the possibility of bacteria growth, according to the manufacturer. By adding a few drops of essential oils to the steam outlet, techs can personalize this spa experience for clients.

The pedicure system was designed with comfort and mobility in mind. The steam barrel has a companion pedicure chair that sits at an ergonomically correct height for the comfort of both the client and nail tech. The chair has a massager, plus it reclines so clients can opt for eyebrow and facial services without leaving the chair. The barrel is equipped with a removable lid, which allows clients to place their feet inside easily, then the lid is returned to retain heat while clients experience all the benefits of the steam sauna. A removable foot pedal doubles as a manual massager to ease tired muscles. When the sauna is complete, the barrel is rolled to the side and replaced with the chair’s ottoman so techs can complete the service.

The inspiration for the Red Dragon Sauna Pedicure came from The Nail Superstore owner Kevin Huynh. “So often up north we see a reduction in pedicure services during winter months,” he explains. Since water baths lose heat during the service, clients may feel chilled during a winter pedicure, making the service easy to skip in the cold season. “I wanted to create a product that will attract clients all year,” says Huynh.