Nails Magazine - an ingenious pedicure spa

The Nail Superstore has released an ingenious pedicure spa. The Red Dragon Turbo Sauna Pedicure uses a cup of water to create a pore-opening steam -- no plumbing or tedious spa cleaning involved. The client simply sits in the accompanying chair (which has built-in massage functions and reclines for add-on waxing and facial services) , then places her lower legs and feet inside the basin. Steam rises up (you can add a drop or two of essential oil as well), and her feet and lower legs experience a pedicure that's rejuvenating, without having to immerse her entire feet into a pedicure soak. There's even a foot rest inside the basin that the client can manually move her feet on to get a satisfying foot massage. This pedicure system is especially great for cold climates, where clients might not want to put their feet in a heat-losing soak during the winter months. It also saves pedicurists a lot of water. Booth #4541.