Nail Superstore Featured on TV Show The Doctors!



The Nail Superstore’s Red Dragon Steam Pedicure Systems Were Featured Last Week on The Doctors!

Franklin Park, IL—March 18, 2014—Avoid the Sunday blues and enjoy the last day of your weekend with a steam pedicure treatment compliments of the Red Dragon Steam Pedicure System! That was the theme on last week’s The Doctors where well-known salon and spa Burke Williams featured their new steam pedicure treatments, sold exclusively at The Nail Superstore. You have to make the most out of your Sunday and love your Sunday. And this is the way to do it!

Dr. Travis Stork makes it very clear how jealous he was that he wasn’t receiving a steam pedicure on stage! “This system opens the pores and makes for a better product penetration,” says Burke Williams beauty expert.

“It will make your pedicure last longer and makes feet softer. It’s a better way to get a longer lasting pedicure. Steam creates a better sterile environment and this system will kill 99 percent of germs. There’s no pipes so there’s nothing circulating that water through.”

The show aired Friday, March 14 and created quite a buzz in the audience and on stage. The most appealing part? The lack of worry about germs! The system is so easy to clean, sanitize and disinfect and there’s no icky water! The steam kills germs while providing the most relaxing pedicure experience ever! Everyone in the audience received a $100 gift card to Burke Williams for a mani-pedi service!

The Emmy Award-winning show provides the latest in health and wellness information in an entertaining way. To watch the episode, click here!

Famous California spa Burke Williams purchased 6 units from The Nail Superstore. Their Torrance location has completely gotten rid of traditional water pedicures and only uses the Red Dragons for their pedicure treatments! And the response has been phenomenal.

A spokesperson for Burke Williams says it’s more cost effective and a more hygienic option. The Red Dragon Sauna Pedicure System steam treatments are fully booked every week! Clients couldn’t be happier or more pleased with their results. They plan to introduce the steam system into their other California locations.

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