What Are Gel Nails?

Officially, gel nails are Ultra Violet Light Cured Resins; pre-mixed oligomer compounds, usually referred to simply as gel nails. As the name suggests, they are a gel-type substance, neither liquid, nor solid (think honey). Gels require no mixing or ratios and are applied with a brush, directly from the container to the nail. The gel-coated nails are then placed under an ultraviolet light source where they harden and cure.

Gels offer all the benefits of both acrylics and fiber-wrap nails, with none of their disadvantages. Gels can be used for natural nail overlays, tip overlays, or sculpted onto forms for extensions. Silk or fiberglass can be added to gels when needed for repairs or extra strength.

Gel nails produce an extremely natural-looking and crystal clear enhancement. Clients love them because they are thinner than acrylics, flexible yet strong, non-yellowing, non-porous, lift resistant, and offer a super-shiny finish. Gel nails are also odorless, which makes them a perfect fit in spas or small, enclosed nail areas.

Salons offering gel nails provide a high-end service that differentiates them from other salons. Gels can bring revenues of anywhere from $40 to $120 for a full set. Additional income can be generated from specialty gel services such as: French style pink and whites, colored gels (no more drying nail polish!), and unique special effects such as embedded designs.