Shaping Nails

Shaping Nails for Form and Perfection

The basics for filing shape into nails are basically the same for enhancements as for natural nails. The few exceptions are noted in a section below. The #1 goal is consistency!

Making each side of the nail match the other, matching nail to nail, and hand to hand. Consistency implies purpose, and purpose showcases confidence. Confidence = Beauty! Consistency can make the most of any nails.

Extra Guidelines for Shaping the Natural Nail

Natural nails are fragile! You can’t file a natural nail as aggressively as you file an enhancement. You also need to use a fine file, and NEVER use a metal or course file. You shouldn’t see-saw back and forth on a natural nail, a straight stroke in one direction should be used in order not to damage the nail fiber.

Shaping a natural nail is very different than a enhancement. With an enhancement a client can pretty much pick any length and any shape she wants. So if you have a client the never had long nails and loves that long square look in less than an hour you can give them to her. But natural nails don’t work like that. The strength of the nail depends on the shape. Once in awhile you will have a client that will have long nails that you can shape anyway they want. More common is the women with rather short nails and usually many different lengths and shapes.

When choosing a nail shape you always must honor your customer preference. If she wants square nails you do need to file them square. But if she asks for your guidance a rule of thumb to shaping natural nails is:

Flat nail beds are better shaped oval. Curved nail beds are stronger square leaving the side.