Post-Service Procedures

After every service you should follow a set routine. Following is a sample routine many nail technicians find works well for them. Adapt as needed to your particular situation.

  • Send client to wash her hands.
  • Have her pay for the service.
  • Book her next appointment.
  • Have her get her car keys out and ask her if she'd like to put her coat on before applying nail polish. Many clients will appreciate these gestures, as it will enable them to leave the salon sooner with less polish mishaps.
  • Apply her polish. (See section on Nail Polish for more details)
  • Send her to the nail dryers.
  • Apply oil or quick dry drops to her nails.
  • Ask her if she'd like to sit longer and dry, or if she'd like you to open the door for her. Some nail techs go so far as to open their client's car door, buckle them in, and start the engine!
  • Smile, thank her for her business, and say "goodbye."
  • Fill out her client card with information about today's service: Indicate the service performed, polish color chosen, any repairs you needed to do, and any other pertinent information. Occasionally verify that her personal information has not changed (phone, address, etc).
  • Clean your station and sanitize implements. Set up for your next client. Wash hands.