Marketing of Retail Products

Retail It!

If you use it, retail it! Simple enough right? Then why are the retail sales of the majority of nail techs so dismal? Why are so many of us afraid to “sell”?

Every time you provide a customer with a service you should be doing an infomercial on the products you use. Educate the customer. If the customer enjoys the manicure, and sees you as an expert the products that are used, she will buy them without feeling as if she has been “sold”.

Train your staff on the benefits of each product. Make sure that everyone has a complete understanding of which products are to be used when, how, and why. Nail techs should have confidence in knowing why their products work. Encourage your staff to talk to customers about their nails. Be sure to identify problems and give the customer solutions.

No one wants to sound like a fast-talking used car salesman; of course, salon staff should not make customers uncomfortable, or be too pushy. However, always keep in mind that the customer called you, took the time to come in, and is paying her hard earned money to have you manicure her nails. She could have performed a manicure on herself at her kitchen table but she didn’t! She came to you because she wanted something better. She booked her appointment with you because you are the EXPERT! Most often the manicure customer doesn’t have perfect nails but is looking for help. So you should feel comfortable discussing any product that you feel will improve the condition of her nails, and it is her choice to buy it.

Many salon owners miss out on retail profits because they can’t get their employees to participate. Proper product training and knowledge the products available for retail should be updated regularly. Incentive programs should be in place to give employees a reason to sell. Most salons offer a commission on each product sold. Others create contests to motivate their employees, offering prizes to those who sell the most product overall, or of a specific item of the month. Use you imagination, and see those dollars multiply!