Hot Oil Manicure

A hot oil manicure is simple and takes no longer to do than a basic water manicure. This service is especially effective for dry, brittle nails, and for everyone in the cold winter months. Lotion warmers are inexpensive tools that turn an ordinary manicure into an extraordinary indulgence. As a luxury service, you can also charge more for this service, thereby increasing your income.

  1. Fill lotion cup ½ way and place it in the warmer.
  2. Pre-Service: Wash hands; remove polish, etc. (See Pre-Service in Nail Tech 101)
  3. File nails of left hand for length and shape. (See Nail Tech 101: Filing Nails for details.)
  4. Place left hand in warmer with lotion.
  5. File nails of right hand for length and shape.
  6. Remove left hand from lotion. Do not remove excess lotion.
  7. Place right hand in warmer.
  8. Proceed with finger and hand massage
  9. Optional: Apply cuticle solvent to cuticle area of all nails of left hand. Soaking in the warm lotion will usually have softened the cuticles enough, negating the need for use of cuticle remover. However, if the client has difficult cuticles, then apply solvent to all 5 nails at this time.
  10. Push back cuticles of each nail with metal pusher. Hold pusher parallel to the nail, and use small, gentle circular motions. Wipe away any excess cuticle remover with a nail wipe or the corner of your table towel.
  11. Carefully nip any loose or ragged skin in the cuticle area. Only nip at dead skin. Be sure to cut with the nippers, do not pull at skin.
  12. Gently clean under free edge of nails with pusher or cuticle stick wrapped in cotton. Set the left hand aside.
  13. Remove right hand from lotion and repeat steps 8-12 on right hand.
  14. Scrub clients fingernails with manicure brush and soapy water. Be sure to remove all solvent and oil residue or the nail polish will not adhere well. Rinse off soap with a water spray bottle and dry towel. OR Send client to wash hands at sink. Remind her to scrub the nail plates to remove oil.
  15. Wipe nails with a nail dehydrator or other nail prep to help ensure a lasting polish application.
  16. Polish nails: Apply base coat, 2 coats of color, and then a topcoat. Clean up any stray polish from skin or cuticles with polish remover pen, birch wood stick, or small sable brush dipped in acetone.
  17. Post-Service: Send client to polish dryers, book next appointment, etc. (See Post-Service in Nail Tech 101).