Gel Nail Supplies


A gel nail station set-up has much in common with a normal station set-up, with some distinct additions. Peruse the short list first for a general idea of supplies needed. Then continue reading for more detailed information on types of U-V lights and gels, including discussions of wattage and gel viscosity.

Regular Nail Tech Station Supplies
  • Files
  • Buffers
  • Nail Tips
  • Adhesive
  • Forms
  • Nail Sanitizer and Dehydrator
  • Liquid Primer
  • Metal Implements
Gel Specific Supplies

Many are available as full kits from manufacturers:

  1. U-V Light
  2. Gels: Many systems and types available
  3. Primer/Bonder/Basec oat gels
  4. Self –leveling gels, Non self-leveling gels
  5. Thin, medium or thick viscosity, Builder Gels
  6. Multi-purpose, One-component, Gloss coat/Sealers
  7. White builder, White free-edge, Colored gels
  8. Gel Brushes – gel brushes are made of synthetic hair and are usually square and flat
  9. Gel Wipes (lint free)
  10. Gel Nail Cleanser – used to cleanse nail and remove tacky residue
Gel Nail Supplies

Lights and Gel Types

How to Buy a Gel Light

Gel lights are an investment and you should take several points into consideration when purchasing a light.


Make sure the light you purchase is the correct wattage and will cure the gel properly.

One or Two Handed?

One handed lights work best for the application process. One hand can be curing while working on the other. Two handed lights work great for curing top coats and finishing work where having two hands tied up under the light will not slow down the application process.


Stay with leading manufactures. Getting a good deal on a light may not be a deal at all if it doesn't perform well. Bulbs need to be replaced about every 6 months. We suggest you always have a spare set of bulbs on hand. Gel light bulbs do not burn out, they just loose strength. So there is no way of knowing a bulb is going to fail until it doesn’t cure properly.

Bulbs are also different sizes and if you purchase an uncommon brand light it may impossible to purchase replacement bulbs, which makes your light obsolete after about 6 months.


Many cheaper lights wont have a timer. Timers are very important for proper curing and for application efficiency.

Descriptions of Gel Types and Their Uses