Acrylic Fill-In

Basic Fill Instructions

  1. Pre-Service: Wash, sanitize, remove polish, push back cuticles, etc. (See “Nail Tech 101” for more detailed instruction.)
  2. Shorten Nails: With coarse hand file or electric file shorten nails to desired length, (usually shorten the nails the amount they have grown since the last fill).
  3. Contour: Rebalance the nail by filing the top of the nail. Move back and reduce the arch to accommodate growth since last fill. If you neglect this step the nails will become thick and top-heavy, thus more prone to breakage.
  4. Blend: Gently file the cuticle and sidewall areas to blend the outgrowth (without filing on or damaging the new growth). Remove shine from new growth areas.
  5. Shape: File the nails to the desired shape and bevel the free-edge.
  6. Prep: Dust nails, apply sanitizer (AKA pre-primer, dehydrator, pH balancer).
  7. Prime: Apply primer to the nail sparingly, and allow to dry thoroughly.
  8. Apply Acrylic to Cuticle Area: Pick up a small ball of acrylic and apply near the cuticle. Gently pat and push to move the product so it tapers towards the cuticle. This ball of acrylic should be of a slightly wet consistency so that the product works and flows easily, but not so wet that it runs into the cuticle. Keep the product at least the thickness of a business card away from the cuticle to prevent lifting.
  9. Apply Stress Area: Pick up a medium sized, wet ball of acrylic and place in the stress area. Stroke the product over the entire nail to build-up and reinforce the stress area while creating a smooth finish. Check the nail from all angles to analyze the shape and structure. Apply additional balls as needed to build the arch to provide strength and beauty to the nails.
  10. Finish Work: File both sides of the nail groove and the free-edge of each nail. Shape and contour the surface of the acrylic as needed. Bevel the free-edge and cuticle areas.
  11. Buff Nails: Use a block buffer or electric file to produce a smooth and even surface. Oil or buffing paste may also be used. If desired, continue with a 3-way buffer to produce a high shine on the nails.
  12. Post-Service: Have client wash hands and then polish nails. (See "Post-Service" in Nail Tech 101). Take payment and schedule next fill appointment.