Writing a Service Menu for Your Salon

Let customers know your prices and service options in an attractive yet effective way. The possibilities are endless! Customize your service menu any way you want but keep it organized and easy-to-read. Depending on your budget, you can invest in a digital flat screen or go simple with a blackboard and colorful chalk.

If you are a full service salon, going big with a flat screen may be a good way to show all your services. If you are more specialized, a blackboard would do just fine. But first, you have to get your service menu organized and we’re here to help! Just remember, the purpose for your salon menu is to tempt people to get the services they see.

Making the Perfect Service Menu

  • First, create a main section labeled Nails. Under there, have subcategories such as acrylics, gels, manicures, pedicures and then include more subsections under each category such as fill-in or polish change. Then state your best prices.
  • Create more sections such as waxing services or massage services and include specifics such as pricing for upper lip or chin waxing.
  • Add a little section off to the side featuring male services. Most salons offer some different services for men but they don’t advertise it. If you don’t advertise it, the men won’t come. Include male services and prices and show men that your salon isn’t just for women; it’s for macho men too!
  • Keep a section entitled Specialty Services. This is a great option if you have specialty services for bridal parties, holidays or indulgent mani-pedi services. People love regular mani-pedi services but just imagine how popular you’ll be when clients see that you offer fancy massages, paraffin waxing services or maybe even a holiday champagne pedicure!
  • Try including brief explanations for some of your services. If your clients are going to your salon for acrylics, chances are they know what acrylics are so you’re better off not offering explanations for that but for specialty services such as exclusive pedicure treatments, you should. Briefly explain what the pedicure consists of, such as a soak with fizzing rose tablets followed by a foot masque. If you just put on your menu “Élite Valentine’s Day Pedicure,” clients won’t know what it is and either ask you or just not get the treatment but if they are presented with all the amazing features, they won’t be able to resist!
  • It’s not just about what you put on your service price menu, it’s how. Think about any graphics, layout, fonts and even colors. Bright pink sounds like a pretty color and it may match your interior but it will be hard to read!
Stand out from your competitors and have an upscale service menu! Think about it. If you go to a restaurant and see a menu with only one word dishes like, “The Chicken for $25” or “The Filet for $40” your stomach probably won’t be growling.

But if you head to a swanky spot and see, “8 oz. filet topped with garlic butter and smooth, melted blue cheese. Served with roasted potatoes and grilled vegetable tower,” your mouth will water!

It’s the same concept. Make your clients crave your pampering services and once they receive your services, they’ll be hungry for more!