Will Gel Polish Replace Traditional Nail Polish?

Gel polish is becoming one of the most popular forms of polished nails but are gel manicures causing traditional nail polish to fizzle out? The nail industry has come a long way when it comes to the no-chip manicure. It’s versatile colors and long lasting shine and color has it made a number one choice for most clients. But, nail polish still is a popular choice for manicures but mostly pedicures, as it lasts longer on toes. Clients who like to change their polish more frequently will always be lovers of nail polish. But, will gel manicures replace nail polish in the future?

Will Nail Polish Fizzle Out?

According to NAILS Magazine’s 2013-2014 Big Book, 85% of salons offer brush-on gel polish and hybrid gels. The percent of techs who offer gel polish services went up 20%! 66% of salons now offer soak-off gels; that’s a 30% increase from 2012. Gels have never been more popular. 85% of salons offer gel polish, 67% offer traditional gels and 66% offer soak-offs.

Clients love the color options and the non-chipping formula of gels but some clients, want to change their polish often. Many clients also prefer natural nails and want to stick with traditional nail polish. What do you think? Clients are getting more educated on what gel polish is and its benefits.

We all have those few bottles of nail lacquer that we just won’t be able to live without but will gel polish replace traditional nail polish?