What’s with the White Spots on Your Client’s Nails?

Seeing white spots? You’ll probably come into contact with clients who have white spots on their fingernails. Oftentimes, it’s nothing to worry about and you can continue services as normal but other times, it could indicate something more serious. What causes white spots on nails? Do white spots on nails fade overtime? We’ve got some important information on what to look out for the next time you’re seeing white spots!

White Spots on Nails

  • Leukonychia is the medical term for white spots on nails. Most commonly, white spots appear due to injury of the nail. This cause is harmless and grows out of the nail.
  • But more seriously, it could be sign of a chronic liver disease, kidney disease and even anemia. But oftentimes, you will already have much more severe symptoms before you even notice your white nails.
  • They could appear due to an allergic reaction from nail polish, nail polish remover and even acrylics.
  • Your client may be zinc or protein deficient. White spots on the nails is a symptom of those deficiencies.
  • Be careful because as a nail tech, if you provide too strong or rough of a manicure, you can cause these white spots on your client’s nails.
  • It is a myth that being calcium deficient causes the white spots. It can be assumed that they are mild and just from a slight injury.

If your clients are self-conscious of their white spots, you can cover them by painting their nails. Stay away from acrylics or gels because they may be allergic. Make sure they keep their nails and hands moisturized. If you notice that clients have had white spots on their nails for months, or even years and they aren’t improving, you may want to advise them to see a doctor because it should take about 7 months for them to grow out and disappear.