Want To Try Acrylic Nail Dipping? Read This First!

Acrylic Nail Dipping Powder - Why You Should Try It?

Do you dream of a nail enhancement that’s easy to apply, easy to remove, with over 2 weeks of wear? A nail enhancement with no need to sculpt, no need to drill off, and no harsh odor?

The Artisan EZ Dipper Acrylic Nail Dipping System is a powder dip system that’s low-odor, and doesn’t require any liquid, primer, brushes, or a UV light! Built to deliver 14+ days of wear, it's made using a fast and advanced bonding formula that ensures even coverage, is lighter, stronger, more natural, and prevents lifting & chipping.

 5 Reasons Why Your Clients Should Try Acrylic Nail Dipping Powder

Each client will come to your salon with their own nail concern. Many of these issues can be addressed by recommending the right products. The Artisan EZ Nail Dipper System is excellent for:

  1. Clients sensitive to odor: Many clients love nail enhancements but have high sensitivity to the smells commonly found in the salon. Attract these customers to your business when you offer services using a low-odor acrylic dipping system.
  2. Clients with weak, brittle nails: Acrylics are abrasive to the natural nail and not the best recommendation for clients with weak, brittle nails. This is why the Artisan EZ Dipper acrylic dip kit is specially formulated without harsh chemicals in order to prevent harm to the natural nail. There is almost no damage done to the nail bed and clients can expect their natural nails to grow stronger underneath dipped nail enhancements.
  3. Clients who hate thick and heavy nails: The Artisan EZ Dipper system creates a thin, natural-looking application. Perfect for clients who don’t like the weight or thickness of acrylics on their nails, this acrylic dip system is more comfortable and easy to wear.
  4. Clients with workplace concerns: Many clients work in a hospital or a food environment. Long nails are not considered hygienic in such places. Unlike acrylics, the Artisan EZ Dipper is an ideal enhancement over short, natural nails. Similarly, many office-working clients are expected to maintain a professional image. Shorter length nails paired with the thin application of the EZ Dipper System creates flattering, natural-looking enhancements that are pleasing for an office atmosphere.
  5. Clients who want more permanent color: When clients get acrylics, the color is simply polished on the nail on top of the acrylic. This creates color coverage that can easily chip or fade. The Artisan EZ Dipper is a 4-step color infusion system that adheres color to the nail and then locks and seals it. The color remains on the nail and it’s locked underneath a super smooth polished surface that’s sealed off from imperfections.

4 Quickest & Easiest Steps For Applying Acrylic Nail Dipping

In four easy steps, you can create fabulous nails:

Step #1 - Artisan EZ Dipper Prep: On clean, prepped nails, brush on a thin coat of Artisan EZ Dipper Prep to all of the client’s natural nails.

Step #2 - Artisan EZ Dipper Base:Step #2 - Artisan EZ Dipper Base: Brush lightly one coat of Artisan EZ Dipper Base on the client’s nails. Dip the client’s nails into the chosen Artisan EZ Dipper Powder color. Tap the client's finger over the jar to shake off excess powder. Repeat to build more strength and color coverage.

Step #3 - Artisan EZ Dipper Activator: Brush on one coat of Artisan EZ Dipper Activator. Allow the activator to air-dry for 3-5 seconds.

Step #4 - Artisan EZ Dipper Top: Brush on one thin layer of Artisan EZ Dipper Top. Air-dry for 1 minute.

Helpful Tip: To prevent the brush from hardening in Artisan EZ Dipper Base, Top and Activator, wipe off excess product from the brush on a clean napkin.

Find more detailed instructions on this quick dip acrylic nail kit here.

So Many Choices? Find Out More About Artisan EZ Acrylic Nail Dipping


You can search a range of acrylic dip kits from cheap to high-end, but there are many things to consider before buying. The Artisan EZ Dipper System was created with both clients’ needs and nail techs’ comfort in mind. Wanting to create a product that nail techs across various skill levels could use, the Artisan EZ Dipper was invented. Here’s what each of the Artisan EZ Dipper step offers:

Artisan EZ Dipper Prep – Step #1: This super dehydrator cleanses and removes moisture from the natural nail without any damage to the nail bed. Gentle while creating maximum grip for enhancements, this nail dipping prep is a sure winner.

Artisan EZ Dipper Base – Step #2: Formulated to maintain its ultimate absorbing capability, this nail dipping base resin soaks up powder completely. You will not see any specks of white after dipping the nail in color powder. Expect full color coverage and no bubbling.

Artisan EZ Dipper Color Powder: Made using highly pigmented super fine particles, each Artisan EZ Dipper color dipping powder creates coverage that’s rich, vibrant and non-bubbling. No wonder it’s top of the line. Over 50 colors to choose from, including bright bold shades and natural french manicure dipping powders.

Artisan EZ Dipper Activator – Step #3: This low-odor dip nail activator is instant-drying. Immediately drying and sealing color powder, it creates a smooth surface that allows for a perfect application of the Artisan EZ Dipper Top.

Artisan EZ Dipper Top – Step #4: Uniquely formulated, this top resin builds a strong impenetrable nail surface. Imperfections are sealed off, and nail mistakes are corrected. The end result: a flawlessly polished smooth surface.

 Additional accessories are also available with the Artisan EZ Dipper Acrylic Nail Dipping System Kit:

Artisan French Manicure Dipping Powder Mold is ideal for french manicures. When you need crisp white smile lines this dip mold is the perfect tool. A finger placement guide helps you determine the angle and depth at which to dip clients’ nails.

Artisan Nail Brush Cleaner maintains the quality of your EZ Dipper brushes. Additional Artisan EZ Dipper Replacement Caps are also available.