Understanding the Chakra System

The Seven Chakras System refers to the seven basic energy centers within our bodies. What are Chakras? Many experts say it is our spiritual anatomy. If you are a salon focusing on massage, facials and even some nonphysical services, this guide will be perfect for you! These energy centers interact with our physical bodies, so every nail tech and salon professional should be aware of these.
Chakra One: Root
Associated with feet, legs, hips, bones, teeth, nails and reproductive system. It is also associated with adrenal glands, hormones and associated with the earth and is our foundation. This Chakra gives us a sense of dignity, direction and purpose in life. It also results in fear, lack of discipline and inability to achieve goals. Superimposed at the base of the spine below the sacrum bone between the anus and genitals.

It is the jobs of the salons to make people look and feel good, which therefore helps keep them feeling grounded. Provide massages, facials and hydrotherapy to fulfill the needs of this Chakra.

Chakra Two: Sacral
This Sacral Chakra is just below the navel. It is associated with the lower back, hips, pelvic area and abdomen. It is also associated with estrogen and testosterone. It is linked to water, giving us fluidity and grace, depth of feelings, sexual fulfillment and understanding to honor people. But it can cause thinking too much, inability to feel emotions and being frigid.

By creating a relaxing, sensual and nurturing environment you can satisfy the needs of the Sacral Chakra. Services using water, such as a relaxing pedicure, will also please this Chakra.

Chakra Three: Solar Plexus

Between the navel and the chest. It is linked to the pancreas, liver, stomach, skin, face, digestive system and muscles. This Chakra is associated with fire, giving us a sense of generosity and satisfaction. Gives people integrity and belief in self. It also contributes to feelings of fear, anger, confusion, difficulty breathing, liver problems and diabetes.

Take advantage of new technology and new services to satisfy people’s needs. Be knowledgeable about what kind of relaxation services people need. Please the skin with massages as this Chakra is linked to the skin.

Chakra Four: Heart Center

Heart Chakra is near the heart, between the shoulder blades and the sternum. It is associated with the heart, lungs, immune system and blood. The Heart Chakra is related to love, self-acceptance, peace, harmony and beauty. Its purpose is to achieve union through love. But it also contributes to moodiness, being shy, feeling lonely and feelings of unworthiness.

This is where you and your salon come in. Provide services that make your clients feel beautiful. Make them love your salon and these services so they continue to come back to satisfy that need.

Chakra Five: Throat

The Throat Chakra is located at the throat area and associated with parathyroid, neck, arms, hands, mouth and teeth. This involves self-expression, creativity and compassion. The Throat Chakra gives people the ability to express their thoughts, listen and manifest their goals. Although, it can be associated with excessive talking, inability to listen, fear and thyroid problems. Its element is sense and sound.

As a salon, be aware of the music you play. Think soothing water but also be aware of the communication skills between your employees and your clients. Make sure employees listen to their clients.

Chakra Six: Third Eye

At the brow area, a “third eye.” It is associated with eyes and the central nervous system. It is the contact between the human mind and the Divine. It is what gives people the deep inner level of being, or our spirits. Although, it is associated with headaches and lack of clarity. Its element is sense and light.

Create a healing sanctuary for your clients. This is where your décor and lighting comes in. Make it pleasing to the eye, aesthetically satisfying and proper mood lighting. Anything too bright can cause headaches amongst your clients.

Chakra Seven: Crown

At the top of the head. Associated with the endocrine system, the brain and with our belief systems. Represents living in the moment, inspiration, wisdom but also frustration, stress and depression. Its element is sense and thought. Something to think about. Are you providing the best possible experience for your clients? Other salons will if you don’t.

As a professional in the industry, it is your duty to be an expert in nails, skin and hair. Go that extra step and be an expert in the field of the connection between minds and bodies. Provide services for your clients with the Chakra System in mind. Your salon will be the go-to spot!

Reference: Spa & Salon Alchemy: The Ultimate Guide to Spa & Salon Ownership by Sandra Alexcae Moren