Try These 3 New Products For Amazing Halloween Nail Art Designs

It’s Halloween season and you know what that means. Clients will want Halloween nail art designs to show off at parties, clubs, and just about anywhere. To build these many nail designs, you may be told to buy a ton of nail products for this or that design.

In reality, there are some new products entering the market with which you can create a variety of Halloween nail looks. Also, these products are salon staples you can use year-round instead of just for Halloween.

Matte Gel Top Coat

This photo proves that matte gel top coat can work wonders for nail art designs. Create a wet-art effect as shown here. Simple to do and with impressive results, this is a nail art technique that doesn’t require many nail supplies. It’s also doable for nail artists of many skill levels. The Artisan GelEfex Gel Matte Top Coat will get you going.

Glow-In-The-Dark Gel Nail Polish

You can’t have Halloween without glow-in-the-dark nail polish. But with the Artisan GelEfex Glow-In-The-Dark Gel Nail Polish you can stay ahead of the competition. Formulated with dual shades of glowing pigments, this is not an ordinary glowing gel nail polish. The Artisan GelEfex Glow-in-the-Dark Gel Nail Polish creates an intense colorful glow under the black light in night clubs as well as offers a spooky white glow in the dark. Suggest year-round to kids, teenagers, and women who love bold looks.

Mood Color Changing Gel Nail Polish

It’ll be an exciting Halloween nail look when clients see their nails changing colors. Made with high-definition pigments, the Artisan GelEfex Mood Color Changing Gel Nail Polish creates intense and eye-popping changing color clients will absolutely adore. So offer 2-in-1 nail color that's are fun and playful. Perfect for Halloween and the rest of the year! Recommend  to young girls and teenagers, and watch them get just as excited about a nail salon trip as your regulars.