The Red Dragon Steam Pedicure System Steals the Spotlight on The Doctors

The Emmy Award-winning health talk show The Doctors had a special segment March 14 featuring our Red Dragon Steam Pedicure Systems. The Red Dragons stole the spotlight! The California-famous Burke Williams spa and salon now offers this service at their salon and they were approached by The Doctors to feature this amazing treatment. Burke Williams has been around for over 20 years. They have 9 locations throughout California.

In their Torrance location, they have completely said goodbye to traditional water pedicures and have replaced their pedicure treatments with our Red Dragon Steam Pedicure Systems.

During the show, some of the show’s hosts were hanging out on stage indulging in a steam pedicure. They couldn’t believe how relaxing it was and how worry-free they were about germs!

Why Steam is the Only Way to Clean

Nail care director Michelle Orozco of Burke Williams says it is more cost effective for them to only offer steam pedicures but more importantly, much more hygienic. “It’s the right way to go. We decided to test it to see how people like it and we’ve received great feedback.” Orozco says customers have been happier and more satisfied with their longer lasting pedicures.

The Torrance location has been fully booked recently; they provide about 15 pedicures a day using the Red Dragon! They plan to introduce the Red Dragon systems into their other California locations throughout the year!

The Torrance location introduced the service February 7. The service includes feet being cleaned with a tree tee oil mix, polish removal and nail shaping. Then a massage lotion is applied to the foot and calf, then wrapped in a warm towel up to the knee and placed one foot at a time into the wooden steam sauna barrel. Once each foot has been prepped and steamed, guests indulge in a Burke Williams signature foot and calf massage followed by the OPI polish application of their choice.

Now that the Red Dragon Steam Pedicure System has been featured on The Doctors, you know you want to try it!