The Power of Milk for Skin

Got milk? Ready to show your clients how to get smooth skin? Milk does wonders for inside your body and out. Offer your clients milk-based manicures and pedicures. You could even offer it as a specialty treatment and charge extra for the service. There are numerous benefits of milk so use milk based manicure and pedicure products or use real milk from the store! Mix honey and milk together and you will have another treatment that will rush moisture to the skin and produce luxurious, smooth skin. Sometimes the most powerful skincare products are the most natural and simple ingredients!

Milky Goodness: Milk Nutrition

Cleopatra used to take milk baths to keep her skin soft, supple and luxurious. It acts as an exfoliator and has enzymes, which helps to smooth skin and keep it moisturized. Soak your client’s hands or feet in a warm milk bath for 15-20 minutes, rinse their skin and follow with a milk based lotion to lock in moisture.

Milk also improves complexion, shrinks pores, acts as a cleanser, soothes irritated skin, removes dead skin cells, treats sunburned skin and even does wonders for hair!
The Nail Superstore’s Milk Based Products
CND Almond Milk Bath: This nourishing warm-oil hand soak transforms into a milky bath for nails and surrounding skin. Experience how it deeply conditions skin and nails with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Turns into a milky soak with the addition of equal parts warm water. Why do you need it? Because it softens and deeply conditions the nails and cuticle area at the beginning of a manicure service and provides a beautiful ritual for your clients.

Cuccio Milk & Honey Butter: Sounds pretty yummy doesn’t it? This hydrating milk nutrition treatment for hand, feet and body leaves skin extremely soft with a dewy finish. Lasts five times longer than ordinary lotion!

Cuccio Milk & Honey Hydrating Non-Oily Massage Crème: Glide across your client’s skin and give an incredible massage without the oily feeling most oils and lotions leave behind. Hydrates, softens and smoothes feet.

Cuccio Milk & Honey Manicure Balls: With soothing milk proteins, organic honey extracts, chloramine-T and tea tree oil, these effervescent sanitizing balls are a must for any manicure service.

Cuccio Milk & Honey Pedicure Tablets: Filled with milk proteins, organic honey extracts, chloramine-T and tea tree oil, these effervescent sanitizing tablets are the best way to enhance any pedicure treatment.

Cuccio Milk & Honey Salts: A unique blend of sea salts combined with butter to gently exfoliate and help reveal the healthy younger skin below. Leaves skin noticeably smooth and soft.
Cuccio Milk & Honey Butter Stick: Perfect for moisturizing dry cuticles. The slim tube can be easily taken along in a smallCuccio Milk/honey Butter Stick purse or makeup bag for quick and easy touch up treatments to hydrate dry or cracked cuticles on hands and feet. Makes a great retail item! Enriched with a rich blend of Shea Butter, Vitamins A & E, olive oil, honey and milk proteins.

Cuccio Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil: This unique, natural and revitalizing oil contains a complex blend of various oils and vitamins to nourish, moisturize and protect the cuticles and nails.

Cuccio Naturale Scentual Spa Milk & Honey Kit: Love the relationship between milk and honey? Try this kit which includes effervescent balls, aqua leaves, wraps, sea salts, body butter, a DVD and more!