The Best Super Shiny Top Coat on the Planet!

Are you looking for the best top coat on the planet? Look no further because The Nail Superstore has it! Artisan UltraShine Super Gloss Top Coat is our customer’s favorite top coat because it is durable and glossy. Everyone wants ultra-shiny nails and this top coat does it all!
And the best part? This top coat is now on sale! Hurry and buy yours now before we run out! But don’t worry, we always keep it in stock. After all, it is the best top coat on the planet!

It’s Super True, It’s Super Glossy

The Artisan UltraShine Super Gloss Top Coat is available in a 0.5 oz., 4 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. size. If you want to try it, next time you spend $99 with us, we will send you 3 free samples so pick this top coat as one of your samples and we promise, you will come back for more!

Whether your client desires a French manicure or a fancy nail art design, apply this top coat to their nails and they will have a super, high gloss shine. The shine is so reflective, it’s almost like a mirror! It prevents chipping and peeling and maintains its shine for weeks after the manicure or pedicure.

Its pinkish hue makes it an attractive-looking top coat that your clients will love. When applied, it just leaves behind polish protection and shine.

Right now, if you buy two 0.5 oz. of the Artisan UltraShine Super Gloss Top Coat, you will get one free. They are only $3.95 each. There is no better deal out there and you can only buy this top coat exclusively from us.

It is truly the best top coat, no other nail polish top coat is like it! It has a 5 star rating from our customers who use it every day and love it.

Customer Reviews

  • “It really makes nails shine.”
  • “Super shiny and easy to use.”
  • “Super shine, fast drying and helps seal polish. I love it!”
  • “I love this product. It gives the nail an awesome shiny natural finish!”