SuperSonic3 Electric Nail File Totally Nails It

Winner of Nails Magazine Readers’ Choice Award, the SuperSonic3 is a professional electric nail file that has high speed and makes filing, shaping and shortening nails, a breeze. Using an electric nail file will totally eliminate the constant and repetitive motions that nail techs have to do if they are using traditional filing techniques.

You will get the hand piece, control box, foot pedal, a set of bits and a stand for the hand piece with your purchase. Treat yourself and your clients to an exceptional piece of equipment! It comes in a 220V machine or a 110V. The SuperSonic3 is one sale for $124.95.

SuperSonic3 Award Winning Features

  • A forward/reverse switch.
  • Speed can be controlled manually or controlled with the foot pedal.
  • A light-weight, vibration-free hand piece.
  • Easy-to-use twist/lock chuck that allows nail technicians to change bit heads quickly.
  • Powerful, quiet motor.
  • Variable speed control up to 30,000 RPMs.

How to Use the SuperSonic3

  1. Simply select the bit you are going to be using.
  2. Insert it into the chuck at the front of the device.
  3. Turn the lock to lock the bit in place. The lock is located in the middle of the hand piece.
  4. Turn the device on.
  5. Recommended speed is 15,000 RPMs or less.
  6. If you prefer to use the foot pedal, change the switch to FOOT mode and you can use the foot pedal to turn the device on and off.
  7. There is an optional bit called the Nail Dust Buster. It will completely revolutionize how you remove dust from your client’s nails.
  8. Lightly go over the surface of the nail with the bit and you can go under the nail as well. This will remove all the dust that could possibly cause lifting.
  9. When you are done working, disengage the lock and remove the bit. Sanitize the bit before the next client.