Should Your Salon Have a Dress Code?

Your professional image is just as important as the décor or exterior of your salon. And you can show your professionalism with a dress code. You don’t want a simple, elegant looking salon and sloppy dressed employees. There are different dress codes for different types of business. Certain offices are strict with their business professional attire but others are much looser. We aren’t suggesting you show up to your salon in a business suit but keeping yourself and the other employees looking uniform can make a huge difference! According to Nails Magazine’s 2013-2014 Big Book, 40 percent of salons have a dress code. Does your salon have a dress code?
Is a Dress Code Right For Your Salon?
If your salon chooses to have a dress code, don’t forget to still have fun! Allow employees to show their festive spirits during Christmas time or Halloween. Remember, how your employees present themselves is just as important as having a clean salon! Here’s a few options for dress codes:
  1. Allow people to dress however they want, no dress code! This may turn into trouble later.
  2. Everyone can wear what they want but they must wear a smock over their clothes. This is actually a very popular choice. It still creates a uniform feel but let’s everyone feel comfortable and free to wear what they want.
  3. Everyone has uniforms. Many companies sell professional yet chic options! Just look online!
  4. Structured rules for their own attire.
Your best bets are numbers 2, 3 or 4. If you have no rules, you may regret it later.

Using a smock is a great option because not only do the employees look uniform but personal clothing is protected from any chemicals or spills! Really step it up a notch by getting your salon name on each smock and having name tags.

If your salon chooses to have uniforms, you can still find some cute, stylish ensembles that everyone can wear. But, if you want to allow everyone to wear what they want, have some guidelines written out and signed by everyone.
You should not allow
  • Sandals or high heels.
  • Low cut tank tops.
  • Miniskirts.
  • Sweatpants.
  • Shirts with extra-long sleeves.
  • Clothing that restricts movements such as tight clothing that restrict you from bending over for pedicures.
  • Long hair should be tied up, especially if techs are using dangerous equipment where it could get caught.
  • Too much makeup like intense blue eye shadow can be just as bad as poor clothing choices.
  • Excessive perfume. Clients and other techs may be allergic or sensitive.
If you choose to have restrictions on clothing, have it written out and signed. This is the best way to make it fair for everyone! Choose the best option for your salon but having a little consistency never hurt anyone! Does your salon have a dress code? Let us know on Facebook!