New ProTool USA Nail Drill Bits: A Cut Above the Rest!

The Nail Superstore is excited to introduce the most cutting edge nail drill carbides on the market – the ProTool USA Nail Drill Tungsten and Ceramic Nail Bits and Nail Bit Accessories! Unlike other nail bits, our ProTool USA nail carbides and nail bit accessories are made with premium Tungsten steel or ceramic, and were exclusively designed for the nail professional!

Our Tungsten Nail Bits: Uncompromised Strength – Cutting Edge Results!

Stronger than stainless steel, our Tungsten nail drill carbides were uniquely and meticulously crafted using one piece of diamond-cut Tungsten steel to ensure optimum strength, sharpness, durability, and the vibration-free filing consistency you need, all while producing minimum friction which causes heat. We have Tungsten nail drill bits for two or four weeks of backfilling, cutting out trenches, doing surface work, cleaning the cuticles, Pink & Whites and more, as well as, complete Tungsten nail drill bit sets which are perfect for ensuring you’ll have every nail bit you need to master your manicure and pedicure services.

Our Ceramic Nail Bits: A Revolutionary Innovation for Nail Perfection!

The secret is out - ceramic nail drill bits are swiftly becoming the professional nail tech’s favorite. So, we put them to the test to make sure that they’ll meet your standards and exceed your expectations. We found the best ceramic nail drill bits that are masterfully designed, durable, long-lasting, and more importantly, made to cut with absolute precision, all of which were reasons we believe they’d be a great addition to the ProTool USA Nail Drill Bit line.

We have a full series of premium quality ceramic nail bits and a complete ceramic nail bit set that can be used for gels, acrylics, hyper-keratosis – and for every nail service from under nail cleaning, cuticle care, backfill cutting, shortening and more! In addition to the qualities listed, another advantage of ProTool USA’s ceramic nail drill carbide bits is that they operate with a minimal amount of friction, which ensures that they generate the absolute minimum amount of heat.

With multiple options to pick from, we’re confident that we carry the Tungsten or ceramic nail drill bit and nail drill bit accessories that will deliver the results you need! Order now to experience the difference!