Market Yourself through Emailing

Sell yourself and your talents through email marketing. Having a weekly or even monthly email or newsletter is a great way to get clients into your salon. You can offer deals, special limited time treatments or let loyal clients know you have new retail items. Whenever people make a new appointment with you, you can easily ask them for their email or have a place on your website where people can subscribe to your email. Try using Constant Contact, Active Campaign or do the email marketing yourself, depending on your budget!
Create a Newsletter Filled with Goodies

Offer discounts and coupons: This is the best way to get clients to open your emails and use them. Offer discounts on manicures, pedicures or offer coupons on a free polish change over the weekend. With your generosity, you’ll probably still get a tip too!

Notice of special treatments: Especially during the winter months, you need to try to gain more clientele, especially for pedicures. Create a notice of a new champagne pedicure treatment or a new massage treatment. You don’t necessarily have to include a discount on these new treatments unless you want to but it’s a fabulous way to get the news out there and spread it!

New retail items: Maybe your salon has new nail polish for sale or small retail items like new toe rings or necklaces. This is a great time to include it in your newsletter and let your clients know!

Photos: Did you just rock some holiday nail art? Snap a picture and include it in your newsletter. Show your clients just how talented you really are! People are visual, they’ll love the photos.

Social network sites: Make sure to include links to your website and social media sites. This will direct them to your other pages and build your following.

Calls to action: Always include some type of call to action. You want to encourage people to do something. Encourage them to partake in an event or buy something that is only going to be on sale for a short time.

It’s called a newsletter for a reason. Share your news! You’d be surprised by how many salons don’t actually do this. Stand out from your competition and market your salon through emailing!