Make Your Salon More Like a Full Service Beauty Spa

If your nail salon only offers manicure and pedicure related services, it’s time to rev up your salon and create a more beauty spa-like atmosphere! You will get more clients, which means more money! And everyone loves money. The Nail Superstore has everything you need to create a beauty spa so you can offer more services!

Massage Tools

  • The Nail Superstore has 9 different massage tools so you can provide a full body massage. Buy the Hand, Foot and Body Roller Massager Kit and get all 9 tools for only $39.
  • Try the Hot Stone Massage Therapy and the Hot Stone Warmer. Together, you can create an amazing service that clients will flock to!
  • Spice up your massage services by using LaPalm Lavender Massage Oil.
  • For a soothing massage or aromatherapy service, offer your clients essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Kahlua and Vanilla.

Waxing Services

  • We offer many different kits to get your waxing services started. Try the Clean + Easy Full Service Set that includes a warmer, wax, lotion, soother gel and much more.
  • Gigi Professional Wax System comes with a warmer, wax, strips, lotions and more. Or go with the Gigi Mini Pro Wax System to start out with.
  • Buy the Gigi All Purpose Honee Wax which is perfect for sensitive and delicate areas. Gigi Facial Honee Wax is perfect for all skin types.

False Eyelashes

Many women love the idea of false eyelashes. We have over 30 different styles of eyelashes to choose from. Offer them all, glue included!

Lotions, Butters, Kits

  • From papaya green tea, lavender and milk and honey to pomegranate, guava, and Tuscan citrus, we have all different types of lotions and butters to create an invigorating manicure and massage service. See the full line here.
  • We recommend the Cuccio Naturale Scentual Spa Service Kit in either milk and honey, papaya and guava, Tuscan citrus or pomegranate.


  • A paraffin treatment will be your client’s new favorite thing to do! We offer paraffin wax in peach, tea tree or lavender.
  • Buy the Depileve Heavy Duty Professional Paraffin Spa complete with heater, wax, terry cloth and protectors for only $144.95!

Pedicure Scrubs and Masques

  • Make your pedicure services the top-of-the-line! The Nail Superstore has masques, scrubs, foot soaks, and ice massage gels. We have so many options like peppermint, milk and honey, spearmint, citrus and more!

Facial Equipment

  • Our Multi-Function Facial Bed is ideal for facials, waxing and massages. You will need a comfortable place for your clients with all these new services you offer! The armrests are removable and the backrest is adjustable. The footrest is also adjustable, making your client as comfy as can be!
  • The European Facial Spa System is a must-have piece of equipment, and it’s only $999! It has a magnifying lamp, vaporizer machine, five piece brush machine, spray machine and a vacuum machine. This device will soften skin, peel away dead skin, do facial cleansings, and blackhead and blemish removal. You will be the most popular beauty spa in the city!

Nail Treatments

  • By offering your clients nail treatments, they will feel completely pampered. Sicilian Nail Whitening is ideal to have because if your clients who wear a lot of dark polish or smoke, this will change their lives!
  • Orly No Bite is a bitter tasting nail treatment that will deter your clients from biting their nails. A perfect retail item! What an interesting idea!

Spa Music

Your beauty spa is almost complete. Except for your relaxing spa music! The music is what makes it so amazing!

  • Piano in Garden: float off to a special place of harmony and tranquility.
  • Naerunchara River: float on a gentle river. The sound of water is always relaxing.
  • Whisper of the Wind: a light breeze makes for a calming spa experience.
  • 3CD Collection: you can get 3 CDs so you have a large variety of music.
  • Green the World: a stress free soundtrack that is perfect for any beauty spa.
  • 16 CD Master Set: a huge saving of 16 CDs; have a complete beauty spa soundtrack.