How to Remove Gel Nails Using Artisan Products

Save yourself time by not only using soak off gel products but using Artisan products to remove gel nails. Gel nails can take more time to take off than they do to put on but we’ve easily answered how to remove gel nails using Artisan products.

Still not convinced? We’ve even got how-to videos for removing gel nails to make your life even easier; that’s what we do!

Use Soak Off Gel Polish

Artisan Soak Off Color Gels easily soak off. That’s why when applying gel to your customer’s nails, starting off with soak off gel products is the best way to go.
They last long and when it is time for it to come off, you and your client can rest easy knowing it won’t take forever and won’t cause any damage to the natural nail.

They come in a variety of colors such as Black Cherry, Bronze, Bright Pink, Hot Yellow, Metal Almond and so many more! Check out the whole line here.

If you don''t apply a gel polish that is meant to be removed by the soak off process, you will have trouble removing the gel polish. When you are shopping for gel polish, make sure it's of the soak off variety.

Applying Your Soak Off Gel Polish

  1. The same way you apply polish, brush the desired gel color in a thin layer over the nail avoiding the skin.
  2. Cure for about two minutes.
  3. Apply second layer and cure again.
  4. Use the Artisan Instant Seal Non-Cleanse Gel Nail Sealer and apply a layer on cured nail for ultimate shine.
  5. Apply cuticle oil to replenish the nail.
  6. This will last for two weeks!

When it is time to remove the gel nails, The Nail Superstore has made it simple and easy for you.

Using Artisan Soak Off Gel Remover Solution

The Artisan Soak Off Gel Nail Remover Solution formula will remove any soak off Artisan gel product. You will not need to file off the gel nails.
Traditionally, it was one of the things that made the process so time consuming but using this formula with the soak-off gel colors, there is no filing needed.

  • Pour some of the formula in a bowl and have your client’s hands soak in the bowl until easy removal.
  • If your client is too fidgety to sit with no free hands, soak cotton balls with this formula and wrap it around your client’s nails with foil.
  • Either way, it only takes about 10-25 minutes to remove the gel!
  • It isn’t damaging to the natural nails. Traditional acetones can be very damaging and dehydrating.

If you are looking for another way for how to remove gel nails, Artisan Gel-off Remover Clips are a perfect way to remove the gel nails but also give your client the ability to have her hands free. They come in packs of 10 in pink or purple.

You don’t have to use a wrapper or foil. Simply insert a cotton ball soaked in acetone or Artisan Soak Off Gel Nail Remover Solution inside and clip onto each finger and let sit.