How to Deal With Clients Who Bring Their Kids

I’m sure you have clients who come to your salon with their little munchkins. And I’m sure some are perfect angels, and some are not. You want to maintain a certain type of relaxing and calming atmosphere, not Gymboree. How do you deal with clients who bring their kids to the salon?


Many salons are different; some let kids come in anytime, some have certain hours where children and their mothers are allowed to have salon services and others, just don’t allow children at all. But, keep in mind, mommies are a huge percent of your clientele and sometimes, they have no choice but to bring their bundles of joy. We have some simple tips you can try to keep everyone happy!

How to Handle the Kid Issue

If you don’t want children in your salon unless they are getting salon services, you
can clearly mark that on a couple signs in your salon. Make sure you mention that children are only allowed if they receive salon services.

Another option is to feature mommy and kiddie days! Two or three times a week you can offer hours where moms can bring their children to the salon, whether they want salon services or not. You can clearly post this in your salon so your other clients are made aware. And of course, you can post that there are no children allowed at your salon, so you can maintain a certain atmosphere and reputation.

Quick Tips for Handling Kids at Your Salon

  • Place a small side table in your salon with kiddie chairs with some coloring books or other children’s activities. While their mothers are receiving salon services, they can stay busy!
  • It is perfectly okay to tell your clients that their kids need to be by their side the whole time and they need to be behaved. First of all, you don’t want kids wandering around when you have all sorts of chemicals around and second off all, you want them behaved so you can respect your other clients.
  • Offer kids juice or milk while waiting for their mommies. Maybe put out some healthy snacks for them to munch on.

Do you let your clients bring their children? Do you have any rules in place when clients bring their youngsters?