How to Create a Modern Looking Salon

There is nothing that clients love more than walking into a clean and modern salon! Make your salon modern looking and really draw the customers in! Minimalistic salons are a popular style of modern salons. It looks extra clean and to customers, that means the services they will receive, are clean too. At the same time, you want it to feel homey. How do you deal with this balancing act?

Ways to Achieve the Perfect Looking Salon

  • Pick a neutral background like white, light peach or ivory. You could even try the sponge effect to your salon walls to
    really create a modern salon.
  • Pick your color scheme. Maybe you want to do white and pink, or ivory and teal. Accent your vibrant colors throughout the salon. For example, buy teal colored throw pillows and put them in the waiting area on the couch and chairs. Hang up vibrant pink paintings on the walls. Put out brightly colored flowers on tables.
  • Jazz it up with lighting fixtures that are brightly colored or client chairs that are vibrantly colored.
  • Wood floors will turn your out-of-date salon into a modern one. Metal is considered another modern looking material.

Let the Nail Superstore Help You

We’ve got dozens of modern looking salon furniture pieces to really help you create the most eye catching salon.

Reception Counter

The first thing your clients see when they walk into any salon, is the reception counter so make sure to have a stylish one!

  • The EuroStyle LC Nail Salon Reception Counter is 71”L x 18”W x 45”H and is a perfect option. Its sleek and modern design makes it must and its wood paneling makes it a great addition to any décor. It has a glass counter that will hold an appointment book and a vase of flowers or nail polish display. It also has a glass showcase in the front of it. Use that area for any retail items.
  • Another fabulous option would be the EuroStyle Salon Reception Desk MKG-867 in either ebony or ivory. It’s 56”L x 27”W x 46”H. It has gorgeous wooden paneling with plenty of counter space. Behind the desk you will find numerous compartments and drawers for extra appointment books or supplies.

Manicure Nail Table

  • The EuroStyle LC Manicure Nail Table has shiny wood siding accented with a little black. It’s on wheels for easy mobility and comes with a polish rack on the side. It matches the EuroStyle LC Nail Salon Reception Counter! What a perfect combo! It is 44”L x 20”W x 31”H.
  • Looking for something extra luxurious? The EuroStyle Deluxe Manicure Table MKG-767 comes in ivory or ebony. It has 3 cabinets on the left side for storing everything from chemicals to nail art tools. On the same side, there are 3 shelves where you can place nail polish or tools. The table itself is glass, making cleaning and sanitizing easy. Underneath, there is drawer and on the right of the table, are three more drawers for storage. Never have a cluttered nail station again! It is 51”L x 19”W x 44”H.


Looking for some decorations? The Nail Superstore has a variety of nail salon window decals to really attract customers with a colorful look! Check out the whole line here.


Give your clients a comfortable and modern place to sit with the EuroStyle Client Chair MKG-804. It comes in an ivory color and will match any salon décor.

You gotta give yourself somewhere comfortable to sit. Choose the ivory EuroStyle Technician Chair MKG-1852. It’s made of the same fabric as the client chair and is just as comfy; they totally match!