How Social Media Can Help Your Business

Go from being a small business to a smart business by taking advantage of all that social media outlets have to offer! Having a social media presence will help keep you in tune with not only what’s going on in the industry but attracting more clients! A smart business knows how to use certain sites to their advantage, including their own business site. When clients are searching for a salon, they want to see a website. Clients want to see your nail art on Pinterest. And clients want to see your creative, interactive side on Facebook. Here are some tips you can take with you to increase your social media presence.

According to NAILS Magazine’s 2013-2014 Big Book, 52% of nail techs surveyed had a website for their salon, which was a 12% increase since 2012. 22% of techs surveyed had their own personal site, which also increased 11%. Nail techs are getting smarter and they are well aware of the importance of a web presence. According to NAILS Magazine, 66% of techs said their salon has a Facebook page, 17% have a YouTube channel, 13% have a Pinterest and 18% have an Instagram account. And these percentages keep increasing!

Better join the movement!

Use Social Media Sites to Your Advantage


Almost everybody at this point has a Facebook page. Whether you have a personal page or your salon has a page, use it, use it, and use it! Share content, get conversations started. This is your chance to network. Remember to sell yourself and what you can do. Share content that is useful to your clients such as a new nail art design that has become popular and sell them on your ability to create it! Encourage your clients to tag your salon in a photo of their new mani or pedi.


Pictures are worth a thousand words. Get organized and have different boards. One for nail art designs (which people love), décor ideas for your salon and more. Get creative with it. Find clients of yours and follow them. Getting an audience is the tough part but once you do, it will just keep growing. You can even share your Pinterest photos on Facebook and other sites.


Again, people are visual. People like pictures. Post pictures of services, nail art designs, or pictures of your salon. Instagram is a growing social media outlet. Use popular hashtags. Share these photos to your Facebook too. Intertwine your social media sites and we promise, you’ll get a large following!


Twitter is a quick and easy way to communicate. You can post updates about your salon hours, any openings you have that day, share a photo of an awesome nail design you just created, answer client questions, post about new products that just came in and keep your customers informed of any specials or deals you have.


Having a blog a part of your site, or separately will give your site the chance to have new, fresh content constantly. Use it to answer client’s questions or write about new products or techniques you want to offer. Having two new posts a week is enough to get a following. And to get people aware of your blog, share your postings online too. Know your
audience so as you write, you can cater to what they would want to read.


Having a website nowadays is a must. When clients are searching in their area for a nail salon, you will be at the top of their list if you have a website. You can feature your services, pictures, an About Us page with descriptions about your staff, your hours and location and more. Everyone’s on their phones today. Make sure you have a superior mobile site that is easily accessible and easy to navigate. Be sure you have a fast loading time, a visually attractive site, have unique content only and have social media widgets on your homepage so potential clients can find you.

You’re a smart business so set aside a couple hours a week to plan your social media plans for the next month or two so you and your salon can stay organized. But, social media is a post-as-you-go deal. It doesn’t always have to be planned. If you just nailed (pun intended) a French manicure, take a picture and post away!

Photos: NAILS Magazine 2013-2014 Big Book