Host a Men’s Night Out at Your Salon

Your female clients are always on your mind. But, don’t forget about your male clients too! Your nail salon should not only cater to women but to men too. Men need some pampering once in a while! Focus more on massages, nail services and other things the men will enjoy. They won’t be concerned with nail polish or nail art! Host a men’s night out at your nail salon. It will make the men feel more welcome and feel like going to a nail salon isn’t just for women!

Manly Services to Offer

  • The Nail Superstore offers a wide variety of products for your male customers. Try Orly Nails For Males. It is a matte topcoat that you can use to finish off your manicure or pedicure service. It’s not too shiny so your macho males will love it!
  • If the men attending your men’s night out don’t want polish on, use the Artisan Magic Shiner Buffer Block. It will buff and smooth their nails to a high gloss shine without oil or buffing cream and will last and last!
  • Cuticle oil and cuticle softener are two great options to offer during manicure and pedicure services.
  • Pick from a large selection of hand lotions and massage oils. After a long day at work, you will be their best friend when you use these lotions and massage oils.
  • Buy the Hand, Foot and Body Massage Tools System and provide a relaxing and stimulating massage for your male client’s hands, feet and body.
  • For manly pedicures, use foot scrubs as you massage. We suggest using cool mint or peppermint.
  • Shiatsu Multi-Function Foot Massager: It combines the best features of our Shiatsu massagers with kneading rolling to relieve tension and fatigue with traditional Shiatsu and reflexology therapy. The kneading rolling shiatsu foot massager is ergonomically designed with foot shape and nerve points to activate joints and maximize relaxation on your foot. The kneading and rolling nodes are set just right to the point that can efficiently improve blood circulation, and ease painful and tired feet.

Create a Manly Atmosphere

You could offer all manly manicure, pedicure and massage services but if you blast Britney Spears and turn on reality TV, the men won’t be happy. Turn the TV to ESPN and play some rock music. Offer them snacks to munch on while waiting for their service such as wings or nachos. Make sure they eat and clean their hands BEFORE their services. The best thing you could offer them is beer. Beer will make any service more enjoyable!

Beer, ESPN and a massage. What more could a man want?