Hand, Foot and Body Massage Tools to the Rescue!

Make your life easier by using hand, foot and body massaging tools during your manicure or pedicure services. If you can learn basic hand and foot massage techniques, your clients will line up at the door! Everyone loves to be pampered. By using massage tools, you won’t experience any hand fatigue or pain, plus, your clients will get a relaxing massage too! The Nail Superstore has a huge line of massage tools for everyday hand and foot massage techniques that will make your life easier.

The Best Massage Tools


Hand Foot and Body Stone Roller Massager: it can be used to ease muscular soreness or tension on the bottom of the feet, legs, hands or arms. It acts as a glove. Just simply slide your hand in and begin your work. The roller part of the tool is made of real stones, which can be preheated. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?



Small Thumb Hand and Foot Tool or Big Thumb Hand and Foot Tool: these two tools can be used to help release tension and strengthen muscles in the hand. It is used by applying pressure with your thumb but the tool does all the work so your thumbs no longer have to.



Hand, Foot and Body Acupressure: hit pressure points using the two ends of this tool. The larger end is perfect for tender areas and the smaller can be used to reach deeper points. Normally when you provide this service, you use your fingers but this tool replaces that!



4+ Point Hand and Foot Massage Tool: use to apply precise pressure to trigger points. Its soft shape and smooth feel allows for an amazing massage without having to use oil. How perfect!



Hand, Foot and Body Roller Massager: use in one hand at a time or position the tool between both hands and place its small yet firm projections into a tender point and roll it in a pressing motion.



Thai Hand and Foot Massage Tool: the smaller knob is ideal for a deeper more intense pressure. The larger knob will provide a broader, gentler pressure. This tool is perfect for the more advanced hand and foot massage techniques because the possibilities are endless.



Back Spine Body Massager: this amazing tool is essential for giving a stress-releasing and relaxing massage to your client’s back, neck and shoulders.



Tapper Hand, Foot and Body Massage Wand: use this device to tap the bottom of your client’s foot or the palm of their hand. Doing this will provide stimulation to different areas of the body. It will stimulate circulation.



Hand, Foot and Body Roller Massage Kit: if you love the sounds of all of these tools (and we know you do!) you can get all 9 pieces in one kit! The kit is currently on sale. It was $59 but now you can get the kit for only $39. Wow!



Complete the Massage Experience

Once you have the massage tools, you have to complete the experience for your clients. Try the Hot Hot Stone Massage TherapyStone Massage Therapy and the Hot Stone Warmer. You will get 16 stones and a warmer that can hold 35 stones. The warmer is constructed with a stainless steel outer casing, durable steel stone pan and handles that stay cool. A low profile lid and bamboo stone scoop are included at no extra charge!

Make the experience even more soothing for your client by using essential oils such as lavender, lemongrass, vanilla or our personal favorite, Kahlua! LaPalm Lavender Massage Oil contains mineral oil and aloe Vera that will leave your client’s skin feeling amazing.

Use hand and foot massage techniques on your clients to get them to return to your salon and if you use these tools, they will definitely come back! Have you ever heard someone say they don’t like massages? Never!