Gold Dust: A Simple Nail Art Design

Fall is a great time of year for nail art. There are so many ideas and holidays, like Thanksgiving and Halloween, that the possibilities are endless! It is an in-demand service! Create simple nail art that is seasonal looking, easy to do and something your clients will love. Master nail tech John Hauk has been in the nail industry for over 20 years, has won over 300 competitions worldwide and is a guest artist for The Nail Superstore. He created the gold dust nail design and is ready to show you how simple it is!

A smoky brown color and sparkly gold look amazing alone but when applied together, the results are brilliant! The Nail Superstore has ever{#/assets/uploadimage/2ff4a7c8-faad-4a9a-bead-226f4417166c.jpg}ything you need to create this glittery look!

Are you ready for Fall?

Gold Dust Nail Art

  1. Once you have prepared your client’s natural nail or extended nail, start with a basecoat. Apply a layer of the Artisan Soak-Off GelEfex Basecoat Polish and cure for 30 seconds.
  2. Next, apply two coats of the Artisan Soak-Off GelEfex Gold Dust. The coats should be thin. Cure the first layer for 30 seconds then apply the next, curing again for 30 seconds.
  3. Apply a layer of Artisan Soak-Off GelEfex Smoky Brown to the nail. Apply thinly.
  4. While still wet, take a dotting tool and create groove lines in the design. To find the perfect dotting tool, click here. Gently go through the brown polish. You will start to see the gold dust color peeking through the lines.
  5. Cure the shimmery nail for 30 seconds.
  6. Follow up by applying a layer of the Artisan Touch N Seal UV Dry Topcoat to really seal the deal!
  7. After curing again, remove the residue with the Artisan Multi-Purpose Gel Nail Cleanser.
  8. Finish off with cuticle oil to rehydrate your client’s nails.

Some clients don’t have the time or patience to sit down for a long nail art appointment but if you try this simple nail art design, they won’t believe how sophisticated and fabulous it looks!