Go Out With a Bang for Mother’s Day

As you’ve probably noticed over the past few years, Mother’s Day is a huge day for you and your salon. Mothers and daughters head to the salon for a much-needed Mother’s Day date of pampering. This is your chance to increase your clientele, offer gift certificates and much more! Give them five star nails and five star service with these awesome ideas! As a salon, one of the best things you can do for your business is to capitalize on major holidays and Mother’s Day is one of those!

Prepare For the Rush of Mommies

Strawberry Fizz Pedicures

There is a big market during this time of year for spa services, so this gives you plenty of opportunities to keep up. Keep in mind it is also spring and summertime so theme your services such as Strawberry Fizz Pedicures. Effervescent pedicure balls are essential to pedicures so get creative and make it a Strawberry Fizz pedicure. Price it higher than your traditional pedicures but give a discount when moms and their daughters get them together. You can also offer non-alcoholic fizzy strawberry drinks and chocolate covered strawberries with this.

If nails aren’t your forte, you could also do other deals like discounted massages or hot stone massage. Or maybe buy one, get one free hairstyle coupon or makeover.

Some Final Tips

  • Offer nail art near the end of the service to boost your sales!
  • Market all your discounts and special services via social media and by email.
  • Be sure to promote your salon’s gift certificates for Mother’s Day and other holidays.
  • Stock your salon with some small retail items like scented candles or small gift sets of body wash and lotions and offer them at discounted prices to your mommies and their daughters!
  • Does your husband work in a large company? Print out flyers and have him hand them out in the office! Husbands are always looking for something special to give the mother of their children!