Glitter Nail Art by Artisan

Glitter Nail Art by Artisan
Glitter nail art is all the rage right now so become the go-to nail tech by creating amazing glitter nail art for your clients today!

Creating rock star nails will give your client a funky look that she will love. Using Artisan products, we will teach you how to create glitter nail art in no time!

Mylar Effects


  • The Nail Superstore has a large variety of Mylar flakes to choose from, check them out here!
  • Dip into the clear acrylic and then dip into the Mylar flakes your client has chosen.
  • Pat the mixture of clear acrylic and flakes down onto the nail and work the sides as flat as possible up to the ridge line. Keep it as thin as possible.
  • Dip into the Mylar flakes again and start placing on the nail bed. Do not take it all the way up to the cuticle. 
  • You may want to add some foil or any other type of glitter nail art. Apply the acrylic over the nail and pick up small pieces of the foil and apply randomly to the nail. Encapsulate in clear gel.
  • You may want to think about using clay canes as part of your design or bullions.
  • Build the structure of the nail with the Artisan Ultra Crystal Clear Acrylic. Press the acrylic starting in the center and let cure.
  • Once cured, file the sidewalls of the nails. Shape the free edge.
  • File around the cuticle and blend the cuticle area.
  • Using a buffing block, buff the nail.
  • Use cuticle oil to rehydrate the nail. Remove the oil from the surface.
  • Using the Artisan Instant Seal, apply layer to the nail and let cure. Voila! Gorgeous glitter nail art!

Rock Star Nails

How to Do it

Instead of sprinkling the glitter onto your client’s nail and making a big mess, mixing the clear gel with the glitter will give you better control to create glitter nail art. Once you have your client’s nails prepped and with the base layer of clear gel applied, you are ready to go.

  • Artisan Crystal Clear Soak Off Gel: is an easy on and easy off clear gel that gives a glossy finish. It is perfect for mixing pigments and glitter. It is a thin viscosity gel.
  • Taking a bead of the Artisan Crystal Clear Soak Off Gel, dip it into any color glitter effects your client desires. The Nail Superstore has a huge line of glitter products, check out all the shiny colors by clicking here.
  • Move your brush around the nail, starting at the tip of the nail, creating any design your client wants.
  • Wipe your brush off and in an upward motion, start pulling that glitter up towards the cuticle.
  • Using another color of glitter, dip back into the clear gel and dip into the glitter, applying at the top of the nail near the cuticle. Blend the two colors a little bit and fade one into another. You’re the glitter nail art artist here! You could even make it a funky French manicure.
  • The gel will self-level. Then go ahead and cure.
  • After it’s been cured, take another bead of the clear gel and brush out over the nail to smooth out any irregularities from the glitter.
  • Cure again.
  • Using the Artisan Multi-Purpose Gel Nail Cleanser, pour a little onto a wipe and wipe the nails so that you can remove the sticky residue layer on the nails.
  • Apply a little cuticle oil to rehydrate the cuticle and wipe of the excess.