Get Totally Kit Crazy!

‘Tis the season to try something new. Try one of our new kits this holiday season and introduce new products and services to your loyal clients. Never tried our FlexWrap system or our in-house brand of acrylic powders? Now is your chance!

Acrylic Kits

Artisan Acrylic Professional Starter Kit

Normally $43, you can get our acrylic starter kit for just $29! You will receive a white, pink and crystal clear powder, monomer, primer, equalizer and a C smile line form. Whether you are starting a salon or just want to try all the amazing products that Artisan has to offer, this kit will be your best friend.

Gel Kits

ProMaster CCFL Lamp Professional GelEfex Kit

Originally $300, this amazing kit now only costs $165. It’s time to boost your business and with this kit, you can easily do it! You will receive a CCFL gel light that is one of the most advanced gel dryers in the world. The bulbs last for 30,000 hours and it cures all gels fast. You will also get a top and base coat, 6 of our bestselling gel nail polish colors, nail wipes and a gel cleanser so you can easily clean off the sticky residue that gels leave behind.

Wrap Kits

Artisan FlexWrap Acrylic Dipping Powder Pro Kit

This system is easy on natural nails but still gives the same strength as acrylics. This kit used to be $46 but now you can get it for only $35.95. What a steal! You will receive the crystal clear dipping powder, a base resin, a finish resin, an activator and a sealer.


Brush Kits

Artisan Master Nail Art Designer Brush Set of 9

A complete kit of 9 brushes for any nail art design you plan to create. Normally $24.95, you can get this kit of gorgeous brushes for just $19.95. From thin and long brushes for detailed and straight lines to small short brushes for dotting work, your nail art brush collection will be complete!