Get Ready to be Dazzled by Almost 50 New Colors From the Nail Superstore!

The Nail Superstore is now taking orders for their 49 new MK Nail Lacquer colors. You’ll be in awe when you see all the new pinks, reds, light, delicate colors and hear their fun names! For just a $1.50, experience fast drying time with a brilliant shine. Fill up your shelves today with these brand new polishes! To see a full list of colors and descriptions of these fabulous new polishes, see below.

The New Colors from the Nail Superstore

  1. Always Auburn: A shiny color perfect for the autumn season.
  2. Apple Cinnamon: A delicious blend of light red and gold.
  3. Apple of My Eye: Brilliant, ripe red apple color with an intense shine..
  4. Basket of Roses: A light mix of rose and gold.
  5. Berrylicious: A tasty deep berry polish with a high shine.
  6. Bouquet of Roses: Dark and rosy with a hint of shimmer.
  7. Brunette Pink: Dark pink with a high gloss shine.
  8. Burgundy Babe: A seasonal burgundy.
  9. Caught Red Handed: Vibrantly red polish that dries fast.
  10. Cream Soda: Light cream soda color that glistens.
  11. Dark Cherry Cola: Identical to a fizzy dark cherry cola.
  12. Fierce Red Fury: Look fierce in this deep shiny red.
  13. Flower Power: A light pinkish-purple color.
  14. French Kiss Pink: Flawless iridescent pink.
  15. Frosted Cappuccino: Need a pick-me-up? Light coffee color that shines.
  16. Frosty Rose: Vibrant rose colored polish.
  17. Get Red-y for Me: Vibrantly red and shiny.
  18. Gossip Girl Pink: Indulge in a little gossip. This gorgeous pink hue has a brilliant shine.
  19. I’m Red Hot: Bright, intense red shade.
  20. Iced Latte: Shimmery latte shade that your clients will love.
  21. Jolly Red: Celebrate the holiday season with this dark, sparkly red.
  22. Kinky Pink: Electrifying hot pink color with an iridescent touch.
  23. Make Him Blush: Profound rosy color that dries ultra-fast.
  24. Mauvie Coffee: Solid coffee shaded nail polish.
  25. Meet Me For a Cosmo: Shiny and just as yummy as the classic cocktail.
  26. Milk Chocolate: Nobody can resist chocolate! Leaves behind a brilliant shine.
  27. Modern Mauve: Dense purple polish.
  28. Paint the Town Red: Accelerated dry time so clients can go paint the town red!
  29. Paradise Sunset: All the colors of a sunset in one bottle.
  30. Peach Bellini: Sip on a yummy Peach Bellini. A polish infused with a peachy tone.
  31. Pink Cake Pop: Delicious light, shimmery pink color.
  32. Pink Convertible: Drive with the top down and rock this creamy pink color.
  33. Pink Everyday: Dazzling candy pink polish that dries fast.
  34. Pink Ladies: The name says it all! Hot pink with a great shine.
  35. Pink Me Up: Need a pink me up? Perfectly pink and a mirror-like finish.
  36. Pink Stilettos: Exhilarating purplish-pink.
  37. Prettiest In Pink: Prettiest solid pink ever!
  38. Prom Night: Think prom night. This color has it all; dainty pink with an iridescent finish.
  39. Pumpkin Spice: Pumpkin spice hue sure to get anyone in the autumn season mood.
  40. Red Carpet Ready: Make clients feel like a celebrity in this red hot color.
  41. Red Duchess: Gleaming red that dries in record time.
  42. Red Golden Autumn: Rich red with a hint of a gold finish.
  43. Red Hot Mama: Deep, exhilarating red hue.
  44. Red Velvet: Sparkly, red polish that applies like velvet.
  45. Rosy Cheeks: Light rose with a touch of sparkles.
  46. Sandy Coral: Take a trip to the sandy beaches with this ultra-fast drying polish.
  47. Shimmer Me Pink: The definition of a shimmery pink nail polish.
  48. Venti Mochaccino: Lovely light mocha color.
  49. Wild Berries: Get wild with this berry polish.