Gel Nail Ideas: Mosaic Art

Famous nail tech John Hauk has been in the nail industry for over 20 years and has won 300 competitions worldwide. The master himself sat down with us and showed us a few tricks of the trade with our Artisan products. We know he has a few gel nail ideas up his sleeve and we are ready to reveal a fun one to you today.

If you are in need of some new fresh gel nail ideas, the mosaic nail is increasingly becoming more popular. Everything you need to create this edgy nail, Artisan has! Pull up a chair and learn from the master!

How to Create the Mosaic Nail

  1. Once you have prepped the nail and added your tip, apply a layer of the Black Ink Artisan Soak-Off GelEfex Polish as a base or background color for the mosaic nail art and cure.
  2. Your client will need to pick out 4 colors of glitter. For our demonstration, we chose blue, red, green and pink. See the whole line of glitters here. These are perfect for any artistic gel nail ideas you have.
  3. Dip into the Artisan Crystal Clear Soak-Off Gel and then dip into one of the glitters that your client has chosen. Apply this color of glitter in two spots on the nail, randomly. Clean up your lines.
  4. Dip again into the clear gel and the second glitter color choice and apply this to just one area on the nail.
  5. Once again, dip into the clear gel and the third color glitter and apply in another area.
  6. Lastly, take the final glitter and apply in the remaining area(s).
  7. While doing this, be conscious that you are creating a mosaic look, which means you will have different colors and shapes of the glitter scattered across the nail, while still leaving an outline of the black gel polish visible.
  8. Using Artisan Instant Seal Non-Cleanse Gel Nail Sealer, apply a thin layer over the mosaic gel art. This will seal the nail art and bring the nail to a high shine.
  9. Cure for two minutes. Finish off with cuticle oil.