Fiberglass and Silk Wrap Nails Never Fails!

The Artisan Fiberglass and Silk Wrap Nails System is the perfect option for clients with natural nails and who want a little durability.
Silk wrap nails or fiberglass wrap nails are perfect for the client with a broken nail because you can use the silk or fiberglass system to repair that nail without having to use acrylics or gels. The fiberglass and silk nails are precut.

The Artisan Nail Wrap Precut China Silk comes in a pack of 32. These super strong silk fiber wraps are transparent and precut to fit all fingernail sizes for a fast and convenient application. Each strip features a sticky backing for easy application to nails.

The Artisan Nail Wrap Precut Fiberglass comes in a pack of 32. The precut fiberglass strips will fit all fingernail sizes. The super strong fiberglass fibers feature a sticky backing for simple application to nail beds.

How to Apply Fiberglass or Silk Wrap Nails

  1. First select the tips for your client’s nails and apply.
  2. Do a preliminary shaping of the nail with an emery board.
  3. Apply the Artisan Equalizer Nail Prep Agent to the nail bed.
  4. Apply the Artisan FlexWrap Base Resin ONLY to the nail bed.
  5. Sprinkle the Artisan FlexWrap Crystal Clear Dipping Powder over the entire nail. Tap off any excess.
  6. Using the Artisan FlexWrap Finish Resin, blend the powder into the nail with the topcoat.
  7. The Artisan Nail Wrap Resin Activator is a spray that causes resin to harden quickly. All you need is a one solid spray 6-8 inches away from the nail.
  8. While the nail is still damp, take either the silk or fiberglass, snap open and apply to the nail. It is better to undersize the fiber. Do not touch the silk or fiberglass. Trim away the excess strip from the free edge.
  9. Seal the application with the Artisan Nail Wrap Brush On Resin. It is a thicker viscosity that will create strength and will allow the china silk to bond and adhere.
  10. Give the nail another spray of the activator to seal the application. Do not over spray the activator.
  11. Apply a second layer of the brush on resin and then again, spray the activator over the nail.
  12. Once the nails have cured, do a final shaping of the nail. Use a buffing block to blend the nail and cuticle but make sure to do this lightly.
  13. Depending on the length your client desires, you can either polish the nail or just apply a glossy topcoat. Try using the Artisan FlexWrap Glaze Sealer to finish off the gorgeous silk nails.
  14. Apply cuticle oil to the nail to rehydrate the nail.

At the end of the fiberglass or silk wrap nails application, your client will be left with amazing and durable nails. The nails are so natural looking; your salon will be the talk of the town! If you use polish over the silk nails, there will be no discoloring or chipping and if you leave it as a French manicure, it will not yellow overtime.

This system is easy to use on your part and will eliminate downtime in the salon. By the time you have completed all ten of your client’s nails, each nail will be cured and your client will be on her way!