Festively Simple Fall Nail Art Using Artisan GelEfex

Cool weather means cool nails! Master nail technician John Hauk is ready to show you some simple yet festive nail art! Hauk has been in the nail industry for 20 years and has won over 300 competitions worldwide. He was recently a guest artist for Artisan products at The Nail Superstore.

Artisan GelEfex polishes easily soak-off but last for over two weeks! There are over 30 rich and glamorous colors to choose from. It applies flawlessly with a brilliant shine! Your clients want fall nail art but aren’t sure what kind of design they should get. Give them a simple yet gorgeous fall nail art idea that will make them sparkle and shine! With just a little brown nail polish and gold sparkles, your client will be on her way!

Create a Simple Fall Nail

  1. Once you have prepped your client’s natural nail or done an extension, apply a thin layer of the Artisan Soak-Off GelEfex Basecoat. Avoid the cuticle when applying then cure the nail.
  2. Next you will be applying two coats of the Artisan Soak-Off GelEfex Polish Smoky Brown. If you don’t get full coverage with the first coat, that’s okay since your second coat will cover the whole nail. Cure for 30 seconds after the first coat.
  3. Apply the second coat and cure again for 30 seconds. You will see the nail completely covered in a rich brown color.
  4. Apply a thin layer of the Artisan Soak-Off GelEfex Polish Gold Dust to the nail. This will give the nail a beautiful shimmer and a simple yet festive fall nail. Cure for 30 seconds.
  5. Finish off with Artisan Soak-Off GelEfex Topcoat by applying a thin layer to the nail and curing again.
  6. Remove the sticky residue by using the Artisan Multi-Purpose Gel Nail Cleanser. It is antibacterial and antifungal, which will leave nails clean and shiny!
  7. Top off the service with a little cuticle oil to rehydrate the nail.

If you are looking to try some different fall colors, Artisan GelEfex has plenty of other colors to get your client in the seasonal mood!

  • Try Brownie Howie for a rich brownie color!
  • Milky Coffee will give off a light coffee color.
  • Puddy Muddy is a perfect light brown color that will really make the glitter pop!
  • If your client is looking for a little color, try the deep red color of Moulin Rouge Red or the lush color of Plum Paradise.

Try all the colors of Artisan Soak-Off GelEfex polishes today! Create fall nail art, Halloween nail art, and nail art for every other fall holiday in between!