Celebrate the New Year with a Champagne Pedicure!

A great way to get added business is to introduce new items and services. If you are looking for some new pedicure ideas, try offering clients a champagne pedicure in honor of the New Year and boost your winter pedicure sales! Champagne pedicures are all the rage now and they are festive and relaxing. This is a great pedicure idea because you and your client can customize it any way you want. Send out Facebook, Twitter and email notifications introducing your amazing, new champagne pedicure treatment. Get ready to try it now!

Raise Your Glass and Toast to a Heavenly Pedicure

If your salon offers alcohol, offer clients a glass of the bubbly while they indulge in their champagne pedicure. Otherwise, offer non-alcoholic sparkling champagne. Both are just as yummy! Sources say that champagne oil can exfoliate feet and even fight against aging feet! Consider using rose and champagne oils; they go great together.

Soak client’s feet in a pedicure spa, like any normal pedicure service, but add a little real champagne, rose and champagne mineral bath. Follow by a foot masque and champagne and rose lotion. Champagne pedicures will make your clients feel pampered and girly! This is also a great option to offer to bridal parties as it helps kick off their celebration!

Consider finishing off the treatment with a champagne scented lotion. Champagne fizz balls are also a great option to get that fizzy feeling; but, real champagne doesn’t hurt either! The bubbling feature of the pedicure will soothe feet and completely relax any client.

Consider starting the price at $50. If you choose to use real champagne in any part of the service, increase the price. There is no better way to say Happy New Year than by raising your glass and toasting to a champagne pedicure!