Avoiding Bridezilla: Serving Bridal Parties

It's spring and summertime which means you need to get ready for all your upcoming bridal appointments! It's the time of year for weddings so let's get you ready and organized for these bridal beauties!

Weddings are a stressful day for the bride, her mother, and her bridal party. Ease everyone’s nerves by offering flawless services and staying organized. Trust us, you don’t want bridezilla in your salon wreaking havoc. Make the bride and her guests happy and I am sure the groom will thank you! We’ve compiled a list of tips for your salon so that you can provide a stress-free day for your clients and yourself!

Plan Ahead

  • Many salons have the bride or whomever makes the bridal party appointment sign a contract. This will protect you and your clients. It could include the number of guests attending, the services they require, the time needed for the party, a cancellation policy and whatever else you feel should be included. Having them sign this eliminates the issue of pricing confusion as well. When the bride or one of her buddies makes the appointment, ask what services they require and include that in the contract. For a cancellation policy, include how many days notice would be needed.
  • Have as many employees working that day as possible to stay organized. Make sure you and your salon are prepped for their arrival.
  • You might want to consider telling walk-ins and phone appointments that you have a large bridal appointment that day so there are no surprises. But, if you get a walk-in just before the bridal party arrives, do not take her and ignore your party. Let another tech handle it.
  • Consider offering some type of percentage off the total cost if they have a group; such as 10 percent off for groups over 5 people. This might also get you plenty of referrals in the future too!

Services and Other Offerings

  • Offer no chip manicures. Those are very popular for brides who don’t want to worry about their polish chipping on their big day or on the honeymoon.
  • Waxing services. The bride and her attendants would love to get their eyebrows waxed for such an event.
  • Massage services during manicures and pedicures. This will totally relax everyone.
  • Nail art. This is a great option, especially if the bride has a certain theme for her wedding. Offer this service and show her some examples.
  • Coffee and tea. Offer a fancier beverage besides water. Also, consider offering some finger food snacks for the bridal party to munch on.
  • Decorate the salon with some wedding themed decorations or let the party know they are more than welcome to bring their own. Offer to set them up too.
  • If you have a TV, play some fun wedding movies like Bride Wars, My Big Fat Greek Wedding or Sex and the City (if everyone is of age, of course). If you don’t have a TV, get some fun party music going while the bride and her girlfriends are looking at polish colors. Then play relaxing music during massage services.

Do whatever you can to make this an enjoyable experience for the bride and her girlfriends. She’s already stressed out enough. Make her beautiful and happy and she will return!

Avoiding bridezilla is that easy!