Artisan Color Acrylic Flower Nail Art

It’s time to show off your artistic abilities! The Nail Superstore carries a wide variety of color acrylic nail powders from solid neon to glittery colors.

Using Artisan colored acrylics, your client can get a funky design that is not going to be the typical pink and white nail. Take your client’s nails up a notch with flower nail art. By using Artisan products, the possibilities are endless!

How to Create a Three Color Fade Nail

  1. After you have prepped your nail and placed your form on the nails, pick up a bead of the Artisan Ultra Crystal Clear Acrylic Nail Powder and place it right on the free edge. P at from side-to-side and feather out up the nail and down the free edge. By starting with a clear acrylic, it will eliminate the possibility of the color acrylics creating a line of demarcation.
  2. We are going to teach you how to create a three color fade. It will create a beautiful background for your flower nail art. In the video below, the chosen colors are blue, coral and violet. But your client will have an array of Artisan color acrylic powders to choose from.
  3. Choose the color that will go near the cuticle, in this case it will be the coral. Pick up a wet bead and place halfway down the natural nail bed. Brush it down covering at l east a third of the nail.
  4. Pat it up towards the cuticle area. You want it to be transparent and when using color acrylics, you want the application to be as thin as possible. This is because we are not building the structure yet, just the design.
  5. Taking the next color, in this case the Artisan Blue Color Powder, pick up a bead and place just below the natural smile line. Press side-to-side. Lightly, drag it backwards. This will create the fade.
  6. You will know you did it correctly if you do not see a distinct starting or stopping point to any of the colors.
  7. Taking the last color, the Artisan Violet Color Powder, apply it at the free edge and blend into the blue. After curing this, you will be ready for the flower nail art!

How to Create Flower Nail Art


  1. For this flower nail art design, we will be using Artisan Brilliant White Acrylic Nail Powder, Artisan Bright Yellow Color Powder and Artisan Designer Grand Master Sculptor Brush #4. Pick up a small ball of the white. This will be where you create the petals. Also dip lightly into the yellow. Place onto the nail, yellow facing outward.
  2. Start pressing outward and angle the brush to create a petal.
  3. Use the tip of the brush to create texture and make strokes on the petal.
  4. Repeat step 1 again to make another petal angled to the other. When creating flower nail art, think of a clock. Create the petals in a circular design and when you press the petals down, keep the tip of your brush at the center, where the hands of a clock would be
  5. Repeat again. In total, you will make three petals; finishing in a round shape.
  6. Using the yellow powder, create three smaller petals again over the white, creating an overlapping look.
  7. Taking the last yellow bead, place it in the center of the flower and press outward, creating the center of a flower.