A Few Must-Haves When Opening a Nail Salon

You are excited and ready to open your nail and beauty salon! You have all your furniture, nail polish and other professional beauty supplies but you may be missing a few essential things that you never even thought of!

That’s where we come in. We have all the professional beauty supplies you need, even the ones you didn’t even realize you needed. Follow us; we will help you complete your nail salon in no time!

A Swanky Website

In order to get customers and keep them, you will need a swanky website so you are easily searchable online and clients can see your prices, photos of your salon, reviews and what services you provide. Having an online presence in a world of technology is a must! You may think it sounds like so much work to keep a website going; well, we take care of it for you! Send us your information and we will put it on the site for you.

  • For a year of hosting, you will get a salon website that features your service menu, any promotions you have, coupons, staff profiles, photos and videos, customer reviews, a map to your location and contact page and much more. Usually, this would cost a whopping $1,295 but you can get all of this for only $395 for an entire year! Head to our site to view the demo of how this web template will look and work.
  • If you want the same template but for 2 years of hosting, only $100 more ($495), you will get two complete years of hosting.

Salon Accessories

Salon Appointment Book: Schedule your clients in a stylish appointment book and stay organized.

Gift Certificates: The best way to get some extra income and get new clients.

Ticket Book: Easily document each service and become a real businessperson!

Decorations: Buy window and wall decals to really make your salon feel cozy!

Price List: Clearly state what services you offer and their prices; make the customer’s life easier!

Polish Rack: Hold up to 95 bottles of nail polish and show your clients all the options they have! The Nail Superstore has many other organizational racks for all your professional beauty supplies.

Spa Music: The only way to really complete the spa experience. Buy 3 CDs for only $28 and see how relaxed your clients will be; so will you!

Educate Yourself

Books and DVDS: The Nail Superstore has numerous books and DVDS made to help you learn nail techniques, how to run a successful business and more!