A Chocolate Mani-Pedi a Day Keeps the Cravings Away

Who wants a regular mani-pedi when you can have a chocolate mani-pedi!? Give your clients an indulgent chocolate mani-pedi for any special occasion or just because. Let’s face it. No woman can resist chocolate! This is a great treatment to offer clients during the winter months or even during Valentine’s Day. Keep your mani-pedi steps the same as usual but use chocolate infused products! What a tasty treat! What’s even tastier is chocolate has amazing benefits for skin and beauty. It also energizes skin!

Hot Chocolate Mani-Pedis are Perfect for the Wintertime

  1. For pedicures, start the service with a warm chocolate foot bath where your clients can soak their feet and enjoy the invigorating bubbles and sent of chocolate. Willy Wonka’s got nothing on this pedicure service!
  2. Offer clients alcoholic or non-alcoholic chocolate martinis or for the wintertime, a nice hot cup of cocoa. Also, offer clients a couple of pieces of chocolates to munch on during the service.
  3. Buy cocoa scrub and scrub clients’ feet. This will exfoliate their toes and feet and reenergize tired feet.
  4. Apply a foot masque infused with chocolate. Wrap client’s feet in a warm towel and let them relax for 15-20 minutes.
  5. Rinse off the masque and apply chocolate infused oil or a cream and then continue on with your normal polishing services.
  6. For manicures, start the service off with a warm milk soak and soak client’s hands while giving them a light neck and shoulder massage.
  7. Use a chocolate hand scrub and scrub client’s hands and rinse.
  8. Finish off the treatment with chocolate oil or chocolate infused hand lotion and massage their hands. Don’t forget to offer them a chocolate martini or hot cocoa too!