9 Brand New Nail Polish and Gel Polish Collections!

For 9 unbelievable deals, you can have 9 new collections and complete your nail polish and gel line today! We have 4 new nail polish collections and 5 new gel polish collections that will totally blow you away!

Just in time for fall and winter, stock up and save now!

Try the MK Nail Lacquer Jack-O-Lacquer Collection and get spooky colors just in time for Halloween. Or try the Artisan GelEFex Dark Moments and load up on some fierce colors! Looking for some softer colors? Our MK Nail Lacquer Morning Dew Collection has soft and elegant colors for all occasions! Try them all today!

MK Nail Lacquer Collections

Autumn Longings Collection

It’s never been cooler to explore the most desirable fall season colors! You get 12 1/2oz bottles for only $11.95! That’s less than a dollar per nail polish! What a steal! These 12 colors are a must for the autumndeason. Rapid dry time and no smudging. What colors do you get?

Puerto Rico Rum: Reddish-brown, deep and shimmery.
Champs-Elysees: Iridescent plum shine.
Blackberry Gloss: Delicious blackberry polish.
Persian Ruby: Ruby shade.
Terre de Sienne: A gorgeous brilliant brown color.
Nude Skin: Shimmery dark nude color.
Amethyst: Shimmery purple mocha.
Opera: A dark cherry color.
Sparkling Scarlet: Bright red color.
Jewel: Deep and creamy red.
Siberian Fox: Cappuccino colored.
Fall Mist: Kaleidoscopic, pearlescent light latte color.

Paris in the Rain Collection

Travel the streets of Paris with nails that will bring amour alive. There is nothing more beautiful than Paris in the rain. Buy this collection of 12 1/2oz polishes for a steal of $11.95 today and get some amazing colors your clients can flaunt along the Paris streets. Give a reflective and fast drying manicure or pedicure each time. You’ll get:

Moulin Rouge: Intense red infused with sparkles.
Jamaica Reggae: Sparkly and purple.
Concorde: Rainbow-like, creamy and shiny with hints of brown and green.
Chicago Blues: Electric blue.
Deep Sapphire: Gorgeous shiny purple.
Gold Dust: Sparkly, flaky gold color.
Auburn Glow: Bright orange color with a milky finish.
Fiji Purple: Travel to gorgeous Fiji with this vibrant pink color.
Louvre: A shiny nude.
Arc De Triomphe: Purple-pinkish.
Violet Glaze: Intense purple color.
Salsa: A perfect dark purple color for a night of dancing!

Jack-O-Lacquer Collection

Halloween inspired nail polish that is so perfect for the season, it’s scary. Order now and you will get 12 spooky colors for only $11.95! These colors will get your client in the frightening Halloween spirit! MK Nail Lacquer polishes dry fast so there’s no need to worry that your client’s manicure or pedicure will chip or smudge. Halloween is one of the biggest holidays for nails so do it right with these colors:

Mocha Glow: Lovely mocha color.
Dance On Fire: A hot red color that your clients are sure to love!
Frost Chocolate: Beautiful rich brown. No girl can resist chocolate!
Nutcracker: Shiny and exuberant peach-orange.
Platinum: This silver flickering color is perfect for a night out on the town!
Phuket Glow: Iridescent-peachy color.
Bronze Ceramic: This fun bronze color is enticing!
Tour Eiffel: An essential sparkly orange color for the autumn and Halloween season!
Crystal Currant: Shimmering brown color.
Endless Summer: Pearlescent pink.
Copper Sparks: Copper orange colored polish.
Champagne Dawn: Gleaming nude color.

Morning Dew Collection

Awaken the senses with elegant hues for classic manicures and pedicures. Wake up to 12 1/2oz chic colors perfect for all occasions. An ultra-speedy dry time and a mirror-like shine for only $11.95. That’s less than a buck per polish!

Pink Sorbet: Sounds yummy doesn't it? A very light pink color.
Plum Suede: Lovely plum suede.
Rive Gauche: Ballerina pink is always a classic color.
Rose D’or: Iridescent nude.
White Opal: Kaleidoscopic white with hints of purple hues.
Bateau Mouche: Hot pink color great for a funky French manicure!
Cotton Candy: A pinkish-white color.
Coral Punch: A rich coral color.
Hong Kong Glitz: Creamy pink and purple shine.
Husky Fur: Frosty latte color.
Kyoto Pink: Pearlescent, iridescent pink.
Midnight In Antarc: A gorgeous brilliant and shiny blue.

Artisan GelEfex Gel Polish Collections

Your Kiss Blue Me Away Collection
A kiss that blue you away. An instant where you learn the true definition of love. A collection of 5 1/2oz gels that last for two weeks for only $34.95. That’s less than 7 bucks for a gel polish. Wow! Normally, Artisan GelEfex polishes are $9.95 each. You will receive:

Astute Blue: A dark creamy blue.
Colonial Blue: Baby blue.
Party Teal the End: Totally teal!
Aqua Blue: As blue as the ocean!
Crystal Azure: Crystal and baby blue sparkles.

Enchanted Fairytale Wishes Collection
Enter a fairytale world full of charmingly precious colors. 6 1/2oz bottles of enchanting pinks, sparkles and golds. A total chip-free formula that leaves behind a gorgeous shine. For only $39.95, you will have 6 attractive colors for any occasion.

Blushing Pink: Creamy baby pink color.
Fuchsia Bloom: Intense fuchsia color.
Gold Dust: Shiny, flaky gold.
Chrome: Intense silver.
Pink Bouquet: Flaky rose sparkles.
Pearl Rose: Light pink color.

Dark Moments Collection
A dark club. A dusky night. A chance to release your fierce side! Buy 6 deep and rich colors that are perfect for the fall season. All the colors are 1/2oz sizes and you’ll get all these sexy gel polish colors that are oh, so irresistible for only $39.95!

Brownie Howie: A rich brownie color. Yum!
Pompeii Red: Gorgeous red.
Red Vixen: Powerful red color.
Purple Obsession: Deep purple color.
Sparkling Grape: Grape nail polish infused with sparkles.
Plum Paradise: Perfectly plum!

Avant-Garde Couture Collection
Fashionably chic nails have just turned a corner. Look out Vogue! High fashion colors with a chic finish that will last for weeks. You get all 6 1/2oz bottles for a steal of $39.95! That’s less than $7 per bottle!

Smoky Brown: Brown nail polish with a smoky hue.
Red Couture: Shiny deep red.
Seduction Red: A seducible shimmery red.
Cherry Blossom: Cute baby pink.
Jingle Red: Jingle all the way with flaky red polish.
Raspberry Ice: Creamy raspberry.

Girls Night Out Collection
When you gather up the girls for a night out on the town, anything can happen. Reds, pinks and corals are always a girl’s favorite. These polishes maintain a gorgeous shine and color that lasts 10 times longer than traditional nail polish. Perfect for any girls night out! 5 1/2oz colors for only $34.95!

Phuket Orchid: Orchard of raspberries!
Star Power Red: Sparkly red.
Retro Red: Intense red color.
Flamingo Coral: Hot hot pink.
Hot Coral Reefs: Elegant coral color.

These 9 new collections are selling like hotcakes! Hurry and order today!