5 Tips to Boost Your Salon Business Overnight!

Do you ever wish there were a few simple things you could do to boost your salon business? Do you wish they cost you nothing? Well, your dreams have come true! Our top 5 tips can increase your salon business overnight!

Surefire Ways to Boost Your Salon

1. Improve the Exterior of Your Salon

When salon-goers are looking for their new salon, sometimes they determine that by driving by and seeing the exterior of a salon. If your salon doesn’t look attractive from the outside, clients won’t go inside. Say goodbye to those cheesy posters and flashing neon bar signs!
If you’re looking for ideas, drive by some high-end salons in your area and see how you can compete. Try to avoid a jungle-book-looking exterior. Too many exotic, fake plants makes it look too busy. Put a couple small pots of flowers inside near the window to give off a relaxing, clean vibe. But beyond that, just remember that less is more!
2. Perfect Your Customer Service

Remember, you’re not just selling your services, you’re selling yourself! Maybe you don’t speak perfect English; so what? Just give a smile, be friendly and offer the finest customer service! Many salons don’t even offer clients a cup of water, tea or coffee when they walk in. This is one of the simplest things you can do that doesn’t cost you anything.

Consider hiring a receptionist who can take care of answering phones and making appointments, emails and customers as they walk in. Sadly, there are salons that aren’t good at greeting customers as they walk in. Maybe you’re busy or distracted but having a receptionist who is always able to do that, not only takes away any worry you have about doing it yourself but it will improve your customer servicetremendously. We promise, you’ll get extra income from that!

3. Sanitation

This is one of the biggest things clients look for: a clean salon! If someone walks into your salon and sees dust on the tables, nail clippings everywhere, dirty pedicure areas and a grimy bathroom, they’ll leave. Take pride in your salon! Show off how clean it is! If every employee pitches in with the cleaning of the bathroom, you’ll be off to a great start! Also, that receptionist can help with the cleaning. She can help clean the bathroom and the nail tables and pedicure areas.

Nothing will turn a client off more than a dirty salon. They are scared of germs and infections so ease their concerns. It only takes a few minutes of your time after each client. Also, consider in investing in disposable manicure and pedicure tools. They are economical and sanitary!

4. Uniforms

Look uniform with your fellow coworkers. Uniforms aren’t expensive. You could just simply require everyone to wear a jacket or smock over their everyday clothes. Not only will this make you all look more professional, it will protect your personal clothing too! We know everyone has their own taste in wardrobes. You like minimalistic attires but the nail tech sitting next to you likes flashy, neon tights. But, does it really look all that professional to have so many different outfits going on?

A simple smock with your salon’s name on it and a name tag is inexpensive and truly makes a difference!

5. Don’t Always Focus on Price

Sometimes salons just compete on their prices but it’s about your customer service, that’s what the industry is all about. People go to spas, hair salons and nail salons to be pampered. If they don’t feel pampered, they won’t return. Trust us, clients will spend a few extra dollars here and there if they feel pampered and if the customer service is phenomenal. So, try raising your fancy pedicure treatments while at the same time making it a truly pampering experience. We bet you’d be surprised by how much more income you can make!